Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 Review: TeraLumina Does It Again!

If you played Diamond Penthouse Escape then you know the game was pretty good. This new title of the saga gives you new features, like being able to explore in all directions, and is as solid as the first one… maybe even better!

Throughout this post we’ll get this mobile puzzle game reviewed in-depth and in an easy to grasp way.


Gameplay Review: How does it play?

The premise of this game is simple:

  • You gather various items;
  • You scout the room;
  • You pick-up clues and watch patterns;
  • You mix everything together and solve puzzles.

… and you get OUT!


The gameplay is rock solid and responsive, and you need to click stuff to pick it up, tapping the item once it is in your inventory to use it. Another feature is the fact you’ll get to collect over 30 diamonds to get more points and hopefully set a high-score. Can you find them all?

Overall: 5 Stars


Story Review:

The story is a bit lackluster, there are a lot of titles out there that do it better. Overall it’s just about gathering diamonds and getting out. The ending is cool though, so we’ll add some stars for its originality.

Overall: 3 Stars


Graphics Review:

The graphics these days have to be optimized for Retina quality if they really want to get a five stars from us, unless they are so well thought or designed that we make an exception.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the case here, but you can easily know what the objects are and the user interface is clean and easy to navigate through, and that’s a lot better than many escape games out there.

Overall: 3.5 Stars


Sound Review:

The music in these games is usually boring and just a short midi clip that repeats over and over again. In this case the sound is repetitive, but the draws opening and doors creaking are a cool add-on that adds to ambiance and raises immersion.

The way the game ends and the audio handles it also gets some brownie points.

Overall: 3 Stars



Replay Value:

The replay value in escape games is usually next to non-existent, with a few quality exceptions in the market.

For this title, the only replay value there is to be had relates to the diamonds. The only reason you have to play the game again is to find all of the crystals.

Overall: 2.5 Stars


Bottom Line Score:

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is a hard escape game, but not as challenging as some of those puzzle games that really get you hours on end to solve. It’s a funny time-waster that has the pro of being completely free, so you have no excuses not to try it out.

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