Legendary Wars Review: Constant Updates and New Content

Legendary Wars is a mobile game from Liv Games that really cares about its players. The game is getting constant updates and new content added, and each time there are new features the game revitalizes itself.

With the latest patch, the game got even more Moonstone earning opportunities as well as new upgrades that will undoubtedly help you conquer everything from the screen of your smartphone or tablet.


Gameplay Review:

You need to start the battle with the right foot by summoning Mineys. Mineys are basically your army’s core because without these hardworking NPCs you can’t do a thing in battle.

To use troops you need to gather Mineys’ gems, a bit like the sunshine in Plants VS Zombies.

Moonstones is another currency that you get when a battle is finished, and by mixing both gems and moonstones you’ll be able to improve your units.

There is a healer available to purchase outside of story mode that can help you substantially, and she can not only heal you but also crowd control by charming and casting stuns, getting you a new fairy type minion when the healer gets tier 4.

Unlike many other mobile games out there, Legendary Wars allows you to personally control individual troops in the battlefield, micromanaging them to become efficient and effective. On the other hand, if you’re not a micromanager type of guy you can also enable Casual Mode that makes all your troops move at once.


You need to protect your castle and take down the enemy’s castle, as well as needing to defend the hero in some levels. The gameplay feels smooth and natural.

On the other hand, the campaign in the game is very easy even in higher difficulties, but if you’re a hardcore gamer you’ll love the fact it has an Endless Mode

Finally, what takes points away from this game is the fact that its loading times are a bit big. Even so, it is a solid experience.

Overall: 4.5 Stars


Story Review:

If you played a mobile action game of this type then you know the story already as it is very cliché and much like the others out there.

However, the game managed to give some personality to its characters and that is worth something.

At least there’s a gargoyle that only talks about its abs and is quirky enough to gather some laughs.

Overall: 3.5 Stars


Graphics Review: 5/5

If you ever heard of Legendary Wars then you must have seen some kind of gameplay as its graphics are just amazing and no doubt raise your curiosity for the title.

Although the graphics are 2D, they are retina quality and gorgeous. The fantasy niche is a bit beaten, but the game adds character to it.

The wizards, dwarves, elves and unicorns, as well as phoenixes and golems have their unique style and upgrades on the characters change their appearance and gives they an amazing look.

Your enemies are varied and aren’t just zombies with different colors. There are also a lot of animal based creatures such as werewolves, vampires, spiderlings, gargoyles and more.

A beautiful piece of art, we really have to give it a perfect rating.

Overall: 5 Stars



Audio Review:

The music can be a bit repetitive, but again this is a mobile game and that’s kind of the rule. However it comes in variety and it changes your emotions. It has sorrow filled songs and urgent fighting music that won’t be distracting but complements the experience.

The sound effects are where the quality is at, as the special attacks are great, just hear what happens when zombies munch you up! So cool.

Overall: 4 Stars



Replay Value:

Legendary Wars is one of those mobile games that actually has replay values. There are a lot of bonus games that you’ll be playing like the Bully Boss or the Dairy Farm, not to forget the Endless Mode for when you already have beaten the game in all of the four levels of difficulty.

We also have to mention you’ll feel compelled to get all of the upgrades, just to see how they look, so expect to spend a lot of hours in this game.

Overall: 4.5 Stars


Bottom Line:

4.5 Stars

The game is extremely attractive both aesthetically and gameplay wise. Legendary Wars is a must for anyone who loves Tower Defense games or those who never played it and want to start.

More than your run of the mill TD game, it adds RPG features that will enable you to keep playing as hooked as in the first hour.

Currently, the game is free, so get down to it right now!


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