Stellar Wars Review

Stellar Wars is considered the third Liv Games game. The game merges with another tower defense game to create a truly unique experience. The ancients will love it, and the new ones will have the opportunity to find the world they will surely enjoy.


Gameplay: 4/5 Rating

Most of the gameplay in Stellar Wars is in a very familiar environment for Legendary Wars or Monster Wars players. Normal missions include the ability to use miner bots to mine, and each bot will require a different amount of ore, ranging from 10 to 200.

If you decide to opt for story mode, you will gradually unlock new characters, unlocking a total of ten characters, and as in the previous two games, you can control the character and at the same time keep the bot.

However, the biggest difference from other games is the missions involving Stellar Fighter, its shipbot. In these missions, you will fly in space with your ship, through a shower of asteroids, and you may even face an infinite barrage of green lasers! If you think it does not give you fun, you are very wrong, so be prepared because in these missions your hand will hurt you a lot!

With some practice, you will be able to complete all missions using Stellar Fighter.

This game was designed differently in relation to Legendary Wars because each mission has three levels of difficulty: normal, rigid and in hardcore mode. Some missions, including its 2.0 and 3.0 versions, give NOVA as a reward.

But after all what are the NOVA?
The new ones allow you to upgrade a bot to level 2 or level 3. Then when you return from a quest, you can upgrade your bots more quickly. Although NOVAs are rare yet, they are very useful! Finding the most balanced gameplay, I progressed at a hard pace, using a fairly inexpensive NOVA. I was able to complete the game without spending money on the IAPs. Keep in mind that if you use real money to buy ore and NOVA, upgrades are faster. But in the end, your success still boils down to your own skill and strategy.
One of the funniest things to see would be the custom of stealing. Before downloading the App Store, I noticed that you could update the thefts in a non-linear fashion. And why not combine two bots? After all, they are machines. I think this was one of the bridges that most disappointed me, but who knows if in a future update do not do that. Some bots seem to be useless to me at their maximum refresh, so maybe this might be a way to let players make their bots fit their game style.


Storyline: 4/5 rating

 Regarding Storyline, I’ll tell you the truth. I spent a lot of the dialogue to get to the game, but the story has it “What” of interesting. It is based on the fact that the latest robberies seek to restore civilization in a new solar system and mysterious. As the robberies explore the new planets, they find themselves in the midst of a war that will define the future of the galaxy. The game introduces you to new robberies and new enemies with the passing of history. This worked in the previous games, and it’s a pretty solid formula.

Graphics: 5/5 rating

As far as 2D games and Liv Games are concerned, graphics are what attracted me to Legendary Wars, with dragons, and other mystical creatures! Now the theme and special and the artists again did not disappoint. In Stellar Wars, we see a little of everything: Desert planets, frozen planets, lava planets, etc. They are different scenarios from previous games, and over time you repair all your bots start to get rusty, making the environment very realistic. When upgrading to version 2.0, they continue to look like an army of robberies, and in version 3.0 they take on a blue hue, resembling a formidable group of machines. Enemies range from alien spiders, desert worms, to armored lizards, and so on. All Liv Games’ familiar feelings are present throughout the game. Enemy robots still have a half-cartoon tone, especially when they die, but the graphics are no less excellent because of that.



Audio: 5/5 Ranting

Stellar Wars has the original track with different spatial themes, and although the music has a slight techno beat, the audio does not disappoint and looks great with the game. I do not find it disturbing or annoying, and if we go to see it, it is not easy to create a song that does not become tiring does not it? You have to give value to who created them.

Replay: 4/5 Ranting

The game offers great hours of gameplay, especially if your goal is to implement the 3.0 update to the robots, and of course if you want to complete the game on all three levels of difficulty. However, if you happen to end up there is no reason to continue playing. It was funny if there were infinite arena modes as there is in Legendary Wars, or something more than story mode, certainly that made the game have more impact.

Conclusion 4/5 Ranting


Coming to the conclusion, I have to say that if you were already a fan of Legendary Wars and Monster Wars, you will love this game! Although there are some frustrating parts, the game is open enough for you to feel the freedom to explore each part with the necessary time.The recommendation is that if you do not get any IAP, you will need some skills and strategies, even if the game is in normal mode. Despite this, the challenge remains incredibly satisfying. Some improvements could be made, and some rebalancing may be necessary, and with the price of the game ($ 1.99), I think it’s worth the whole investment.

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