Tengami Walkthrough and Guide

Begin the game and walk to your right. As you approach Lucan, ring the bells of the wind to calm the wolf. Then the page will fold so you can cross safely. On the way back to the water, bend back the piece to the right and to the left to build the bridge you will cross. Walk, and you will find another wolf. This wolf howls and will collapse the ladder you will see, however, you will have to move on and the wolf will follow you. Three more will appear soon, and on the four chimes you notice, tap them in the order of the smaller wolf to the larger wolf. Everyone will fall asleep, and then you can go back, open and ladder and you can go to the next area.

In this area go up only the stairs, and you will see a temple. Pull the page from right to left again. Now, pull the flap left up, until the water falls, pulling the flap that was uncovered to release the “crest piece”. At second pull the right flap to increase the water and take the piece. Returning to the temple, head to the door and drag the piece to the door where it is missing, then moving on to the next area. Climb the stairs to the bright light, turn the page and you will see a cherry blossom. Open the door on the lower level and go back to the last page. Continue to head to the bright spot, and turn the page. On the bottom floor of the building with the flower, take the flower and go to the next page. Drag the flower to the bright spot of the tree, so you can go to the next page.13. Walk right until you get to a bunch of stairs. Flip the pages and move your character in this order to get up to the top.


Continue to the left and repair the bridge. Go through it and continue to the left, and go to the next page. Head to the bright spot and head to the next area. Point to the page to see this and slide the window to turn green. Go back to the page and walk to the right until you see a bell, touching it and pointing the page from left to right, until the background changes to green. Then go back to the farm and switch to the page until you see the window again. Slide and you will see a puzzle in a red and green circle and you will see that a piece is missing. Go back to the bell and go to the white winter scene. Then go left to the frozen water. Cross it now, because it’s ice and pick up the pedalo from the counter.


Go back to the window and complete the puzzle. Slide the window again to see a red background and some bells. Go back to it, and head for the building and stay in the bright position. Go back to the page to see some bells and play them in quick succession so they play at the same time. If you understand, you can not play anymore. Go back to the window and slide it to see a flower. Go back to the page to see a floating flower and pick it up. Now you’re back to the blossoming tree. Place the second flower on the tree and go to the next area. Walk straight until you hit the water, continuing and staying in the bright spot and shoot the ladder up the ladder and stand in the bright position. Go back to the page. Stay in the bright spot above you and point the page again. You have already crossed the water. Continue right. Slide the rock that is blocking the path to the right. Climb up to the cave and then slide the rock to the left and exit the cave on the other side.


Continue on and you will find another ladder puzzle with three different panels – Following this sequence, reach the white point and change the area. Walk to the water, and drag the floating wooden boards so that you can place them in the holes of the boat correctly. Return to the page, and with the ship repaired, board. Go past the lighthouse until you see a blazing fire. Drag the fire to the other fires that are not lit. Thanks to the light you will find a bridge. Go back to the nearest fire and light it. Continue until you find a kind of sunken ship. Observe the symbols as you descend and solve the puzzle. If you turn the page slowly, you will notice that you have found the last two symbols. Set the sliders for these symbols and then you get a gear. Now get back on the boat and head back to the lighthouse. On your way, make sure all the small squiggles are very high, except the one on the far right. If you missed it, look for the bonfire that does not light up and turn it on.

At the lighthouse, get off the boat and walk towards it. Head to the room and spin a little, dragging the gear to the opening on the roof. Make the bonfire rise to the top, and turn left so you can light the bonfire. Go back to the boat and head for the oranges. Move the stone to the side to pass, going directly to the cave. Head right up to see the game icon and a bright spot. This area is tricky, so lean over the boat and head for the estate. Move to the other bright spot, going to the other part of the estate.


Below the statue is a dial. Squeeze it and wait for the statue to move away. Move the controller behind each statue, and move the statues back to the place. Go back inside, and open a door, turning the page again. Head left to the next building and turn the page to see this puzzle. You need to look closely because some of the symbols can only be seen while you are in the middle of folding a page back. You must have 4 of the first, 8 of the second, 10 of the third and 5 of the room (moon). Must be like this: Now strike the sword: Go back to the two statues, and stick the sword in the hands of the right statue. Return to the boat and deluge to the side of the rock that is blocking the three entrances. Do this and go to the bright spot. Drive the boat until you find the wolf statues. The pages will turn and reveal more wolves. Since this is a very simple puzzle, you just need to make the image on the left and right sides of the images scattered among them.Take the mirror now that you can reach it and go back to the statue, then place it in the hands of the left statue, then pick up the cherry blossom. Put it on the tree and see the end! Congratulations! Completed the game successfully!

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