Death Call Review

Death Call is a cool western based game you can play to train your mobile accuracy.

Throughout this post we’re going to give you our unbiased and honest Death Call app review.


Gameplay Review

The controls are simple and don’t require a lot of practice. You’ll be using your left hand to control the crosshair and aim and the right hand to shoot. The concept is simple – aim at the target and shoot it.

Body parts matter so you’ll want to shoot the head, you can also shoot them on the legs and arms if you’re feeling a bit naughty too.

In between the various levels you’ll get messages that you’ll need to make sense of. Solve puzzles to proceed. This helps to make the game last longer as it separates the action pack levels by calm puzzle phases to alternate your mood and therefore be pleasant. Of course these phases are skippable if you aren’t a puzzle games fan but solving them is worth it as it gives you a sense of deserved accomplishment.

As far as the game’s currency is concerned, it is mainly cash and weapon permits. You’ll get the guns, perks and ammo for cash while WPs are the premium currency. You never have to buy WP, which is nice, as you can repeat old levels to get more cash for purchases.

Nothing you can buy inside the app needs real money only, so everything can be used by either playing or recommending others to join.

The good thing about the game is that it doesn’t only pack a rock solid story mode but a cool and dynamic multiplayer mode as well.

The loading screens are short and sweet, and if you die you don’t have to go through loading screens or stupid animations – you just try again and that is great for someone like me who is a bit short on temper.

Overall: 4 Stars


Story Review

You’re a Marshall called Jedediah Wolfe and you shoot people based on an old run of the mill cliché western based story.

The story isn’t very original and has no humor either, so there’s not much to explore. The cutscenes are short and skippable as if the developers knew they were going to be skipped anyways.

Overall: 2 Stars


Graphics Review

Detailed graphics, and even if they are 2D they perfectly capture the essence of those shoot’em ups in the West.

The backgrounds change from area to area and the scenery is also dynamic. The weapons have different textures, looked really well designed and polished and have some details, some even counting how many kills you made with them.

Overall: 4 Stars


Audio Review

The soundtrack captures the Wild West and is comprised of those typical tracks you are used to hear in movies. You hear it and get in the mood to get a lot of shoot outs and capture some bad guys.

As far as the sound effects are concerned, they match the animations nicely.

Death Call’s voice acting is a bit corky as they are really exaggerating everything a bit too much, but the fact that they have voice acting instead of those text based characters in a free game really add a lot of value we must score.

Overall: 4 Stars


Replay Value

The story itself has 4 levels and each level comes with three to four puzzles and seven action waves. The game can also have its difficulty changed and you can get achievements to collect.

The replay value, however, has to do with the multiplayer, but you need to find an opponent and that may take a bit of time, unless you already have a friend with the game lined up.

Overall: 3 Stars


Bottom Line:

4 Stars

To finish this Death Call review up, we must tell you this is a target shooting fast paced action game in its core that gets your blood flowing and goes up in difficulty nicely as you progress.

You can spend a lot of hours shooting bad guys here and unlike most freemium games you won’t have to fork up real world currency in order to get the best gear.

Multiplayer mode is a plus, so if you’re competitive you got that going for you too which is nice.


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