Where’s the Ace Review: Follow the Cards App

Today we’re going to review a small casual app you may already know called “Where’s the Ace?”.

The app is still fresh on the app market but it is a casual little time waster for those who don’t have time to commit to longer games or games with high complexity values. There are still some negatives to be taken into account, so let’s start our review by telling you all about the app (which you can check out here)



The app’s gameplay is pretty easy to grasp. You know those street games where you have to follow the card and spot where it went? It Works kind of like that game where there are three cups and a ball inside one of those cups.

The dealer then shuffles the game and you have to spot the right cup.

It Works like that, but Where’s the Ace replaces the cups with cards and the ball with Ace. So, to put it simply, you only need to follow the Ace with your eyes and pick the appropriate card when the shuffling is finished.



There’s no sound, so although we aren’t going to take some points off the game for bad sound, we also won’t give it a score for good one either. A neutral score, more to the negative though.

However, if you always play your games muted, then there’s nothing to worry about.



The features? Well, it is pretty much the game itself and a score system that allows you to reset it if you’re not too glad with your record. Let’s say if your baby cousin is left with the app and screws your perfect score up.

It is simple, but sometimes simple works.



The leaderboards aren’t multiplayer, but you can easily compare it with your friends as the record system records all of your wins and losses, giving you a percentage ratio on your wins.

This means you’ll always know how good and how bad you are.

As we stated earlier, you can reset this score if you don’t feel it reflects your skill at the moment.



Overall, the game is amazingly fun and very addictive. However, it is so simple we just can’t give it a stellar score. Sorry.


Overall, we’re scoring it 

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