RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Review

Gameday Inc. made RoomBreak: Escape Now!! To be a large room puzzle escape game. It occupies a bit of space in your drive (200 mb) but it is gorgeous and extremely challenged, so it is not for casuals.

Without further ado, let’s get this app game reviewed.


Gameplay Review:

One of the worst things about this game manages to be its first part because the tutorial really is slow and it’s both boring and a chore. Skip it if you can, but if you really want to do it then don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

If you do the tutorial, try not to crush your iPhone with the mallet when you first pick it up as it can be frustrating.

Passing the torture that is the tutorial, RoomBreak has some problems with its UI, but you can look past that. Since we’re discussing bad things, let’s get this out of the way and tell you the game is timed, and if you don’t complete a room before the timer ends you’ll start it again from the beginning, which sucks.

However, things will go up from here on as if you endured these bad things you start to find out the game is actually good.

First of all, it is longer than other escape games. Secondly, there’s a lot of variety in the puzzles, which are complex and challenging, really enabling you to explore the “touch” capabilities of your smartphone or tablet. You’ll use swipes and that hammer we spoke about previously.

If we had to describe this game app in just one word, it would be “Patience”. If you have it, you’ll love it.

Overall: 3 Stars


Story Review:

Again, the worst part of the game is in the beginning, as the first episode really sucks in terms of history. However, once you escape things really take off in episode 2 when you get to play a Serial Killer.

Know that in every episode you’ll play as a different character, and the story really gets better with time, becoming an exciting plot to discover.

Overall: 4 Stars



Graphics Review:

RoomBreak really has amazing graphics, and its cut scenes are an artist’s work. At times it even feels like a professionally crafted visual novel.

The animations are on point, the menu transitions are well carried out and it overall feels very polished and carefully designed.

We can definitely tell the developer really had a lot of passion for this game, or the designer hired really decided to take the game to other heights.

Perfect score!

Overall: 5 Stars



Audio Review:

The soundtrack isn’t distracting, and it shouldn’t be since you’re being rushed around at every room. The songs played really get this sense of urgency in your head. On the other hand, the sound effects get you in the right mindset and complement the experience, adding to immersion.

Very polished audio, but not perfect at times, and you’ll discover when you play it.

Overall: 4.5 Stars


Replay Value:

The replay value in escape games is always low, so we have to score the games in this niche by comparing them to most of their competitors.

In this case, RoomBreak offers a bit more replay value than the others since you get achievements and top scores to collect, so you’re going to tickle that achiever nerve.

You’ll get evaluated based on how long you take to solve the rooms, so you can speedrun this game. The developers at Gameday also state there will be more updates adding new content, so the replay value can even get higher in the near future.

Overall: 4 Stars


Bottom Line

4 Stars

This game is fun, albeit having clunky controls and a rushing mechanic. The user UI could also be improved.

The best thing is the story, the graphics and how the game works in its entirety. The worst thing is, without a doubt, the awful tutorial.

If you want to try it before you really invest some time in it, get the lite version before the original one.

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