The Phantom Composition Walkthrough: How to Escape?

If you’re stuck while playing this game, then know we have the definitive Phantom Composition Guide right here:


Early Game:

  1. Open the Bedroom Door;
  2. Find a night table and open the cleaner. Open the battery case and you’ll notice it is missing;
  3. Walk back and pick the metronome up. The battery is tuck in there, so you can turn it over and view the bottom, note it;
  4. Return it to the cart and do this equation: 12 times 7 plus 24. The result is 108, and that’s the number you have to dial when on the keypad. This unlocks the battery which you can now take;
  5. Add the batteries to the cleaner, but you’ll see they are still not enough;
  6. Return to the previous room and zoom in on the tuning meter. You can find the tuning meter next to the computer;
  7. On the bookshelf you’ll find books in all colors, but check the green one labeled “About Chords”;
  8. So Ti Re = G
    Fa Ra Do = F
    Do Mi So = C
  9. On the tuning meter you saw you had to alfabetize, so doing it results in the following order: Do Mi So Fa Ra Do So Ti Re.
  10. Remove the batteries and place them next to the others;

    Mid Game:

  11. You can now use the device. Don’t leave the room and find the table next to the chairs. Use the cleaner on the ash tray and you’ll find something. Take it.
  12. Opening it up you’ll find a match tip, so you still can’t use it.
  13. On the main room, there’s an Oboe you can clean with the cleaner;
  14. Extract the reed and place it on the match tip;
  15. Light up the match you created;
  16. Open the box that is on top of the night table. The ink there has dried up, but if you heat it with your match it becomes liquid and works again;
  17. Go to the front door and pick up the nippers on the cart, they’re stuck so you’ll also have to use the match on them.
  18. Go to the bedroom. You’ll find guitar strings in the closet. Cut what’s holding them with the nippers and you now have a string.
  19. Zoom in on the guitar you can find in the main room and cut the strings to get to the pick. Take the pick with you;
  20. Read all of the books now and restring the guitar with the string you collected on step 18.

    End Game:

  21. In the bedroom you’ll find a box under the TV. The pick can be used to open it and get you a new item: a Pen.
  22. Now, behind the TV set there’s an item you can’t reach, but the pen makes it reachable. Get it.
  23. Go to the bookcase on the right and use the key to unlock it. There are some business cards, don’t take one now.
  24. On the desk there’s a diary stating the Student is Do Mi So / So Ti Re. Using the first book to decipher it, you’ll see it is CG.
  25. There’s a business card with C.G. Take it;
  26. If you haven’t figured it out already, it is Chazono Goya (the Student);
  27. On the main room, use the business card on the front door and tap the mail slot;
  28. Refill the pen with ink;
  29. On the piano, there’s a paper stuck in it, the key can be used to open the lid, getting you the paper.
  30. Place it on the Piano;
  31. Cut the pillow on the bedroom with your set of nippers and grab what’s inside;
  32. Use your newfound music sheet on the mail slot and tap it a couple of times;
  33. Open the piano and type FGC;
  34. Zoom min on the music sheet and write on it using the pen you refilled some steps back;
  35. Finally, get the sheet music and place it through the front door and you’ll be out.


This guide is for the good ending. To get the bad ending you can either get the piano keys wrong or take the wrong business card.


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