Sneezies Review

Sneezies is an addicting game that has aged well with just a couple of updates. However, update 2.0 really added a lot of content with its new three worlds Blue Ocean, Golden Sands and Green Fields, summing up sixty new levels.

Through this post we’ll give you our honest Sneezies Review.


Gameplay Review:

If you still haven’t played Sneezies, then know its about creatures that float around in soap bubbles and you need to sprinkle them with powder to make them sneeze.

When they sneeze, they burst their bubbles and fall. Of course in the world of Sneezies sneezes are like yawning and is therefore highly contagious so you’ll often cause chain reactions.

You have limited moves and you need to set up the biggest chain reaction possible. The more you sneeze the higher your score will be. Later levels are a highly gratifying sneeze fest that often require just one move.

With the Sneezies 2.0 update a new feature was added that allows you to skip levels, up to three, being able to replay levels you did in the past to rack up your high score.

The physics aren’t wonky and the controls fee good. A funny time waster that only has a drawback – the screen doesn’t respond to turning. However, the developers are aware of this and said this issue would be fixed soon, so if it was already, discard this opinion.

Overall: 4 Stars


Graphics Review:

Adorable Sneezies are adorable! The art for this game is gorgeous and cute, the backgrounds are well thought and costumes and hats raise the variety of the game. The animations are sleek and the leaves the Sneezies leave behind when exploding away are great.

All in all, the game is still graphically fresh and much more than relevant for such an old game.

Overall: 4.5 Stars


Audio Review:

As far as audio is concerned, the most import sound of all is that which gets most often repeated – the sneezes.

The devs just nailed this sound effect as you never get tired of hearing it. The other sounds are also right on track to what the effects or animations do, which brings the whole game to life.

The music is usually muted on our playthroughs as it is reasonable but not great.

There’s also a handy volume control you can play with. Nevertheless, the game really deserves an award for making a sound so repetitive so cool to listen.

Overall: 4 Stars


Replay Value:

There is more than one mode to play around with. You have Original, Challenge, Easy and Score. The updates added a lot of new levels, there’s achievements to collect and you can also compete in OpenFeint highscores and leaderboards.

So, are you ready to face off other sneeze experts?

Overall: 4 Stars


Bottom Line

4 Stars

The game is still fresh after all of this time, the graphics are nice, sound is pleasant and not one of those annoying repetitive soundtracks, there’s competition involved and different game modes.

The gameplay is simple and yet addicting and to top it all off – it’s a kid friendly game!

The graphics are optimized for Retina Resolution too, which is great!


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