Mobile Puzzle Game Oquonie Review

We’re going to start off this Oquonie Review by telling you that because of how the game is made we’ll try to give you the least amount of info possible, because the best thing about it is going through the adventure without knowing what is going to happen next.

Now, before starting, let us also tell you that this game will have you spend some time trying to figure things out and they aren’t going to hold you by the hand while you progress through it, leaving you to try stuff and learn from your mistakes.

On the other hand, since you probably saw pictures of the game already (like the ones in this article) you’re probably wondering about the graphics since they are so gorgeous and not something you typically see in these kinds of games.

Well, the gameplay matches that beauty, but only if you’re going through it, because the impact comes from the immersion, and if you are seeing someone else play it seems kind of boring (there are a lot of in-depth games that are like this).


The Look and Feel

Now that you already know you’re going to have to figure out stuff yourself, know also that the game is very visual, and that solving its many puzzles can be frustrating, but at the same time so gratifying it is one of the best experiences you can have solving them.

Unfortunately this isn’t a game for people who don’t like exploring the environment to find out more about their surroundings and to make sense of stuff.

If you want a game that teaches you how to do something, look elsewhere and not to Oquonie.

The creatures are easy to control as the controls are intuitive and user-friendly. The screens are just the right measure and exploring is half of the fun. Then there’s a maze that you will go crazy with, but in a good way.

Sometimes you are frustrated, while others you are in bliss. A journey full of ups and downs.


The Soundtrack:

The soundtrack is amazing, and if you were to line up all songs in a row or to create a YouTube playlist bearing all of the tracks it would take you over 40 minutes to reach the end of it.

The music captures the feel of the game, and helps immersion.

It isn’t distracting at all and you almost don’t notice it, which is something we love in these games as sometimes the music becomes monotonous or annoying.


The Bad Things

The bad thing about this game is that while it is nice that it doesn’t hold your hand, we would appreciate just some minor instructions, even if to teach how to pause the game or open up the menu.

Sometimes you may also press the round button by mistake and it deletes your saved data with no confirmation (although people are complaining about this one so by the time you’re reading this article then it may have been fixed).


All in all, this is a good game with a lot of Easter Eggs you can find, and it really rewards the explorer in you. A beautiful experience, we have to end this Oquonie review with a high note, giving it a final score of almost 4 stars.

Overall Score: 




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