Thimbleweed Park Review: The Enthralling Puzzle App

Thimbleweed Park is an app game designed by Ron Gilbert, and it sounded great on paper, but did it perform well in practice?

We ventured out and decided to try it in order to see if it was too retro or if it had the touch while still being an enjoyable experience for both retro fans and the mainstream audiences alike.


It Does Deliver: A Good First Impression from Thimbleweed Park

Well, my first impression with the game was really positive, as I was an instant fan of the humor style and art of the game. On the other hand, the puzzles were not retro at all, meaning they came as new and original, some being very creative and surprising.

The graphics are good or bad, depending on your taste, but the gameplay is good in all its ways.

It could be a bit more user friendly at first, but double taps answer most of your issues. On the other hand, the action verbs need to be used properly, and you don’t just need to click an object like in many modern point and click games or point and click adventure apps.

While this may kind of turn off some players, it isn’t nearly as confusing as it first seems, it just needs a while to get used to.



Game Lenght:

About the lenght of the game, well it may be embarassing but we are a bit stuck right now, six straight hours in.

The game appears to be long, as six hours straight would have passed most adventure games out there.

On the other hand, you do have to think on the way you use the characters together, and switching between them may feel like a chore at first, but when things pick up steam you’ll see why the feature is there as it becomes crazy fun.


All in all, this is a rock solid game and we think you should really give Thimbleweed Park a try. If not, you may regret it and pass on a great mobile game that will keep you on your toes as you go on an epic point and click adventure.

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