The Haunt Walkthrough Guide

Here’s how to clear this game, or on the literal side how to escape in this puzzle adventure game. So, read below for the in-depth walkthrough on how to complete the game.


  1. Open the mailbox and pick the letter up. Now you need to check the maps to retrieve a key you’ll use to unlock the door and really enter the game
  2. Spoiler alert, the door doesn’t budge. You need to touch the knob until it falls off. Get it up there again and use it.
  3. When in the house, get the knife, it’s on a small table. Next, get a moth you can find in on a frame, a coin that’s lying around and a puzzle piece from the fireplace.
  4. Next to the fireplace there’s a mini game. You need to move the pieces to light up the green lights. Once you do this you can obtain a key.
  5. Now go the right and get the puzzle piece on the chair.
  6. Go back and face left, go there and get to the oil lamp as there is a match nearby you need to use it on the oil to get it to work.
  7. Now you need to zoom in the quill and use the knife on it to obtain yet another key.
  8. There’s a jigsaw piece on a shelf and the third moth on the drawers.
  9. The key you found in second place is to be used on the door to your right.
  10. In the room you unlocked you can find another jigsaw piece, a coin and a moth.
  11. Get the painting out to see a hidden vault
  12. Use the 1st key you found on the door to your right and you can go to a room that has a wrench, puzzle piece and another puzzle piece, as well as a flashlight you can use to light up the upper corner of the screen.
  13. Go back to where you came from and this time take a left to find turpentine and a rag.
  14. Now you need to go down a flight of stairs to get the fuse to use it on the fuse panel. Use the switch and go back to light the lights. After this is done you can go back down again.
  15. Now you can see and pick up 2 jigsaw pieces and a flower pot.
  16. Go to the room on your left and get 3 puzzle pieces, as well as the moth.
  17. Once you get back to where you first started you can find the glowing area on the left and click it to go to a corridor. Go to the blue to get a gem and egg, as well as 3 puzzle pieces.
  18. Back to the corridor go to the yellow door and get the bar.
  19. Back where you first started, go to the stairway on the left and pick up 2 puzzle pieces and one moth. Grab the wallpaper and spot a clue.
  20. Go up the flight of stairs and pick up 3 puzzle pieces as well as the coin. Then you need to inspect the monkey to steal a gem.
  21. Go to the bathroom, there’s a moth and 2 pieces there, as well as a doctor’s stethoscope.
  22. Go to the bedroom, find a moth and get the gadget from the table.
  23. Head to the door on the left once you exit the room and you can find 1 moth and 1 coin. Now solve the bed’s puzzle by spotting the solution on the wall. The answer is tapping the diamonds in order. If you see more than one digit on a piece it’s because that piece has to be tapped more than once when you’re solving it. Get the gem once you get the puzzle done.
  24. Head on to the hidden vault and use the stethoscope on it. Handle the dial until it clicks, then do it again. Once you cracked the vault the stethoscope disappears, so no need to constantly check if it is open already. After you get access to the vault simply pick up the monocle and heart.
  25. Head to the place where’s a broken door and leave, now there are 5 pieces you can get here. After getting the pieces, head to the right.
  26. In that building you can find another 4 pieces. Head on to the small building and pick 2 pieces up before entering. Once you enter there’s a moth and coin there, as well as an extra 3 pieces.
  27. No get the shears and use them on the bush outside to getting a seed. Enter the biggest house now and collect a moth, 3 jigsaw puzzles and a coin.
  28. Head on to the 1st screen and tap the left building to get a moth and coin. Now you need to match the rings and hands in color. This gets the door to open, and then you can get in, find the moth and soil. On the next room, there’s another moth and coin. Finally, get the jigsaw puzzle and cutters. Finally, it’s time to use a coin instead of just collecting them. Use it on the machine, you get a loooot of money.
  29. Head back to the clock room and tap the left, pick up a coin and check the wolves, nothing to do yet.
  30. Now go next to the gated door and tap next to it on the right side. Now you’ll see a hole that is barricaded. For now, get the 3 puzzle pieces and moth.
  31. Go back and take a right to find 2 puzzle pieces and 1 moth.
  32. There are three jigsaw piece and a coin, as well as a cauldron. You can’t go forward unless you get a key so go get it.
  33. Go to where you first started and head on to the basement. Open the safe using the clues found on the Tic Tac Toe game. So you need to make the dials B1, A2, C3. You should use the points as a reference. Once you complete this puzzle you can open the vault to pick up a gem and coin. Once you go upstairs, find a door to your right and get a note and puzzle piece.
  34. In the room after the open door get 3 jigsaw pieces and a coin.
  35. The dreamcatcher is where you’ll use your gems.
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