Murder Room Walkthrough Guide Part III

First Chapter:

1.      On the closet you need to use the steak’s numbers

2.      This will reveal a suitcase and a spray can.

3.      Throw the case full of money outside and the guy will rush to it.

4.      Release Melanie


Second Chapter:

1.      Tie the door to the bookshelf again and spray the rust remover on the window so you can alternate between open and closed.

2.      Make a rope again, using the knife on the tablecloth, and put it outside so the butcher goes up. Slam the window shut to clamp his fingers some times and pick up the rope.

3.      Now you need to try to open the door and take the window key. Pick up the gasoline once again.


Third Chapter:

1.      Go hide to the couch’s spot again and tell her about it.

2.      Now when the butcher comes you need to spray his face.

3.      Tie him up with the rope and as you try to leave a metal gate comes down


Fourth Chapter:

1.      The girl’s in the bathroom again, try talking to her and the killer. Now he reveals that he stated you killed her brother.

2.      Cut him lose and he’ll go after Melanie, she will wipe the floor with him.

3.      Get the chainsaw.

4.      Cut the closet open and retrieve the doll.

5.      Find the clues on the door and go talk to her.

6.      Cut the doll’s belly by using her on the operating table.

7.      Open the door with the key.


Get the good ending.




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