The Phantom PI Mission Apparition Walkthrough Guide

If you’re stuck on the puzzle game Phantom PI, then this post will be one you’ll want to visit and, unfortunately, re-visit since we’re quite not yet done with it as it is WIP (or the affectionate achronym for Work in Progress).

The idea is to make a map with the levels once the playing and writing is done, but you didn’t come to read this but for the tutorial, so read the walkthrough below:


Here are the Controls:

– Tap and Scroll to move;

– Tap twice when you need to run;

– Click the objects to use or inspect them.

– Hold to grab

– Scroll with your finger to pick the diamonds up.

– Zoom in and out to control the camera and get different fields of view.


Stage 1: Prelude to a Phantom

The tutorial is quite straightforward. You just need to get a box open to unleash the mighty wisp. Use the ray gun on the wisp and pick the diamonds up.


Diamonds, Ghosts and Wisps

As we said earlier, you’ll get the wisp during the tutorial. On the other hand, you can find both the diamonds and the ghosts throughout the rooms.


Butter Spires:

These can be found throughout the level and their total ammounts to 5, so if you already have 5, you’re done.


Collectible Items:

These come in the form of postcards, newspaper clippings, journal entries and song lyrics. Find these in this stage.


How to Get the Secret Room

This first stage has a secret room that you need to access to get the last collectible. To get there you need to spot the brown door and once inside don’t forget to claim the Magnetic Tape’s lyrics.


Stage 3: Short Fuse:

In this stage, you need to avoid the pirate symbol when collecting the diamonds.


Stage 4: On Shaky Ground:

Don’t take the exit, you’ll fall and you die. Take a right and collect the wisp before going down the pole.


Stage 5: Straxx’s Axe

To make the map appear, pull the several levers and use the several ladders throughout the stage. Once you have the map complete and the diamonds in your possession, go pick up Straxx’s axe by reaching the Baublebelly.


Stage 6: Hidden in Plain Sight

Famke the Looter is a big pain, but to pass through him you need to put out the fire by using the water. Obtain the plant and disguise yourself by using it, the Looter won’t see you passing.


Secret Room in Stage 6:

Get the crowbar on the barred door. By doing this you get the key. Unlock the locked door to uncover the secret.


Stage 7: Prank Caller

Prank Call to distract Famke the looter and steal the bucket. Once you have the bucket, open the box with the fuse and be kicked out of your misery. Come back to pick up the crowbar you probably dropped when you were kicked (although not all players lose it).


Stage 8: Dance the Night Away

On this level you get 2 fuse boxes, but you only have one fuse … – work in progress -.




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