A complete Walkthrough guide to Castle Abra: A Dark Fantasy Comic

Castle Abra:  A Dark Fantasy Comic is a classic point adventure game. If you have trouble completing it, then you can follow this complete guide

  1. The first thing that you should do is to tap on the first door that appears. When you tap on the door, Wizardo will answer it. However, he will slam the door shut in your face. You can tap on the door again and when it opens, Wizardo will not be there anymore. This will leave you free to go into the hallway.
  2. When you are exploring the hallway, you can see a green colored area to your left. Tapping on that area will yield an empty tank, which you should pick up.
  3. After leaving that area, you will head into another room in the hallway. There is another blue area, this time to your right. In that area you can see a mirror, which you should tap. Tapping on that mirror, will make Valentino materialize. And he will offer the player some assistance.
  4. Next, you will see a drawer. You should also tap on it to get the tuna can that is inside of it.
  5. After getting that item, you should head upstairs and then go to the first doorway on the right. Inside that room, you can find a red star, which you should get.
  6. Head through the next door, and inside that other room get the yellow star. There is a pipe inside of the room, but the sphinx will not let you pick it up yet. You will have to come back for this pipe.
  7. Head out of that room, and then go into the left door. There is a note that is attached to the door, which you should pick up. You cannot go any further because there is a bat in your way.
  8. In order to get past this bat blocking your way, you have got to go back to the blue colored room. You can meet Valentino in that room, and when you ask him how to get past the bat, he will tell you to fight back. In the same room, you can find a baseball bat, which you can use to get rid of the bat.
  9. After getting rid of the bat, open the door that appears after it. There are two items in that room, a gramophone player and a bird. There is a drawer below the gramophone player, open it to get to the plant feed inside.
  10. Remember the plant that you saw in the green room? Go back to that room and give the plant the food that you have just gotten. It will give you the scales key.
  11. Next, you will then have to return to the bat hallway. This time turn right when you see an arrow on the screen. In that new area you can find a vending machine and a coat of arms. Do not go through the doorway as your character will die.
  12. Head back and use the key that you got from the plant to open the door. When you open the door a monster will appear. Quickly tap on the lever and then shut the door.
  13. Since you have pulled the lever, the door to the left will have opened. Inside that room you can find a silver coin. After picking up that coin, a troll will confront you. He will not let you pass until you pay him.
  14. Return to the area where the vending machine was and use the silver coin that you have just picked up. You should get the shovel and bucket from the vending machine.
  15. Head back to the room with the monster. There is sand inside of that room, which you should shovel up. Then a crab will appear and take your bucket away. Be sure to pick up the shovel and gold coin that are left behind.
  16. Use that same gold coin to pay the troll fee and then get the grass key from the troll. You cannot go any further after this since a spider is in your way.
  17. Return to the original hallway area. See the door on your left side? Use the key that you have just gotten to open it. There are three items that you will have to get: these are the pump cap, rope, and a coin.
  18. Combine three items that you have. Tap on the empty tank and bucket to fill it with water. Then use the pump can on that tank of water to close it.
  19. In the pens of the castle, you can find a unicorn and a harpy, who are both chained. In the same pen area, your path is blocked by a bull.
  20. You will have to go back to the vending machine again. This time use the new 10 cent coin that you have found. You can get the hammer from the vending machine this time.
  21. Go back to the upper hallway where you go to meet the sphinx. You will have to head through the door on the upper right. See a crack on the wall? Smash it with the hammer, and inside the wall you can find a ninja star.
  22. Use the ninja star on the spider that is blocking your way. You can use this ninja star to cut its web. When the spider falls, it will leave behind a tree key. You cannot go any further since there is a hippo in your path.
  23. In the mirror room, you can use the tree key to open a door. Through that door you can find a ladder, climb it to reach the tree house. Inside of the tree house, Wizardo will be performing an experiment. If you tap on the window, you can distract Wizardo because he will also look out at the princess. When he is distracted you should quickly take three items, the eye piece, funny books, and hand pump.
  24. Get the hand pump and combine it with your water tank. You can use this new item to spray water.
  25. Return to this room, and inside of it you will see a face right above the doorway. You should use the water sprayer on it. When you spray water on it, it will cause the door to open into a garden.

  26. Inside of the garden, there is a gnome which will block any further progress. You will have to punch to get him out of the way. But as you go further, the gnome’s brother will block your way as well.
  27. Head back inside of the room. You will need to talk to the plant. Pick up the plant to take it outside. After you pick up the plant, be sure to pick up the stone underneath it as well. You will need this later on.
  28. Put the plant outside, and then tap on the tree to get the pink fruit.
  29. Use the pink fruit on the hippo. After feeding the hippo it will give you the moon key.
  30. Return to the main hallway place and then use the moon key to open the door to the left. Grab the shield in that room.
  31. Open the door to the left and then pick up the yam.
  32. Head to the back of the room to go through the archways and then pick up the y-stick that you see. There is also a red orb that you will need to pick up as well.
  33. Put the eye piece into the microscope. And then use the letter with the microscope. Use three numbers to unlock and focus the microscope.
  34. Next you will see a green colored monster covered in flames. It will have an empty eye socket, which you can put the red orb inside of.
  35. Return to the area with the vending machine and equip the shield. There is a door that a knight is guarding and you can get past the knight now.
  36. Underneath the bed of Wizardo, you can find a 20 cent coin. To proceed to the next place, tap on the curtains. A frog will block your path here.
  37. Using the 20 cent coin that you have just picked up, buy the crackers.
  38. Then feed the bird that is blocking your path with the crackers. This time the bird will then leave behind the sun key. Again you cannot go any further because there is a Cyclops in your path.
  39. The sun room in the main hallway area can be opened with this key. Do not enter the next doorway because you will die from the lasers.
  40. In the sun room, there is a fire that is raging above the statue. You can use your water sprayer to put out those fires. You should do this to deactivate the lasers in the next room.
  41. Beside the crocodile statue, you can find a hook. Pick this hook up. You will need to return to the area with the hole in the floor. You can place the hook by this hole, and then tie a rope to the hook. Do this so that you can climb down into the hole.
  42. After climbing down the hole, you can find a golden statue. There is a blindfold that you can get from this statue.
  43. Going further in, you can also find two other items to get; the telescope and green star.
  44. You will need to return to the microscope and put the telescope beside the window. After looking into the telescope, you are then treated to a short cut scene.
  45. After watching this cut scene, you have got to return to the tree house. Wizardo will not be inside anymore. This will allow you to grab the ladder. Get the ladder and use it to enter the doorway that is just above you.
  46. Entering that door, you can see another door to your left side. There is a cork that you will have to pick up. Go in further upstairs, and you can finally talk to the princess. In order to free her, you will need to locate a key.
  47. Return to the sun room, and then use the blindfold on the god statue. You still cannot go any further since you will die from rocks falling on you.
  48. Go to the place where you first saw the fish fountain. You can place the cork into the mouth of the fish. Putting the cork into the fish’s mouth will stop the water and cause the gate to open. Head past the opened gate, and equip the Rosetta Slab.
  49. Since you have equipped this new item, you can then read the writing inside of the sun room. This will teach you a spell for underwater breathing.
  50. Swim underwater until you find a turtle. Talking to this turtle will let you progress to talk to an octopus. Then you will have to talk to the clam to get the elastic band.

  51. Use the y-stick with the elastic band, combining the two items creates a slingshot. Load the slingshot with your stone.
  52. Use the slingshot on the Cyclops to get past it. The Cyclops will leave behind the deck key when you have just used the slingshot on it.
  53. Swim underwater again until you reach the ship. Using the deck key you can get into the ship. There is a photo inside along with a blue star, take both items.
  54. You can see a key outside the window, but you cannot get to it because of a shark.
  55. Take the photo and show it to the bull. He will get distracted, which will allow you to grab the gold key.
  56. The gold key can be used to unlock the chains that are binding the harpy. When you free the harpy, she will thank you with a code that you can use for the microscope.
  57. The three-number code that you have just gotten from the harpy can be used to get more clues from the microscope.
  58. Place the stars in the following order, red and green, and then blue and yellow.
  59. Return to the blue room again, and this time the box inside of that room will be unlocked. Inside of that box you can pick up the can opener. Use this item to open the can of tuna that you have.
  60. You can then use this opened can of tuna on the sphinx cat so that you can get the pipe.
  61. Using this pipe you can make the statue of the Wooden Warrior reward you with a flute.
  62. You can utilize that same flute to unlock a door in this room.
  63. Wizardo will be inside of that room and tell you to ride a gryphon. You can do this so that you are flown to the home of Valentino.
  64. Inside of the home you can find a can of bug spray. Find the gardener and give him the bug spray, he will give up and leave when the bug spray does not seem to work.
  65. If you tap on the bugs you can continue. You will then be able to find the keys of the gardener.
  66. Grab the keys and use them to unlock the gardener’s cottage. Inside of the cottage, you can find a blue stone, which you should pick up.
  67. Head upstairs into the second floor of the cottage and grab the dog food can. Use the can opener on the dog food can and then use the dog food on the food bowl which you can find downstairs.
  68. This will distract the dog and you can go back upstairs and look through the drawers. Grab the honey and bath key that you find in the drawers.
  69. Return to the bugs in the garden and then give them the honey so that they will disappear. When the bugs are gone, you can grab the seeds.
  70. Explore the path further, you will have to tap on an arrow sign to get to the cat fountain. Using the blue stone into the eye of the cat fountain will cause a fish to appear. You can use the water in the fountain to fill up your empty water tank.
  71. Go back to the cottage and then use the water to fill the dog bowl. Using the bath key you can unlock the bathroom.
  72. Inside of the locked bathroom, get these four items: blue gem, fish tank, lotion, and bath towel.
  73. Return to the cat fountain and then place the second blue gem into the other eye. This will make two cats come to the fountain, which places the fish in danger.
  74. Go back to the bathroom and use the plant seeds on the toilet. A blue rose will sprout from the toilet.
  75. Grab this blue rose and then plant it where the bugs were. The gardener will come back, take his shovel while he is looking at the blue flower.

  76. Use the shovel on a dirt pile that you see in the gazebo. Pick up the ball that you dig up.
  77. Lure the dog outside of the house with this ball. Lead the dog to the fountain to scare the cats away.
  78. Place the fish into the tank so that you can take it with you. The fish will reward you with a small key.
  79. Use the small key to unlock a chest in the upstairs part of the house. Equip the suit that you find.
  80. When you return to the Gazebo, Valentino will offer you some wine. But you will need to use the ball to lure the dog and distract Valentino. Take this time to switch the glasses of wine.
  81. When you are finished with this, you can finally have the potion. However, a thief will come and steal this new item.
  82. Continuing on the path is not possible because a branch will be in the way. You will have to head right by tapping on the screen. However, the bugs from before will be blocking the way this time. Tap on the arrow to head further into the stream. Pick up the sledgehammer that you have found. Tap on the sledgehammer to get a knife from one of the bugs.
  83. Return to the branch and use the knife to cut it down. Pick up the branch after doing this. You can find some fly paper to trap the male bug. Steal his honey while he is trapped.
  84. If you go back to the place where you got the flypaper, a bear will appear. You can get past this bear with the honey.
  85. The bug will give you a hook, so go back to it. Tap on a stone to find a worm and some catgut underneath it. Combine the branch, hook, worm and catgut to make a fishing pole.
  86. Return to the area with the bear and ride the raft that you find there. Use the fishing pole in the stream, you will catch a fish, and this will be eaten by a sea serpent. Head on to the other side of the stream.
  87. Go inside of a cave on the other side. A skeleton will be there, get the poem from him.
  88. You will need to keep on going until you encounter a yeti. Tap on the snowball on his left so that you can take it. Go to the top of the mountain and then push the snowball down the slope. This will bury the yeti in snow, grab the Wiz-bucket from the yeti’s hand that is sticking out.
  89. Go to sleep inside the cave, and when you get up the yeti will be gone. Head down the way in order to return to the castle.
  90. Remember the room with the gryphon? There is a sleep staff there which you should grab.
  91. Return to the underwater ship and then free the fish out of the tank. The shark will eat the fish, which will allow you to get a skeleton key.
  92. The room with the closed door of evil can be unlocked with this new skeleton key. You will need to help Valentino write a poem.
  93. You will need to return to the mirror room in order to chat with Valentino again.
  94. Swim back underwater until you find three heads. Wave the sleep staff on the three heads so that you can get the wooden wedge.
  95. Keep on swimming until you find the Squid, named Johnny.
  96. You will need to go back to the hallway where the princess door is. You can use the wooden wedge at the top of the stair’s bannister, so that you can reach the scissors.
  97. Put these scissors in front of the statue in the middle, it will give you some antacid tablets.
  98. Use these tablets in the room with the pool of acid. This will let you get past the acid pool and go through a door. There is only one thing to do in this room, which is to get the red colored cape.
  99. Return to the bull and then equip the shield on him. The wave the red colored cape at him, and he will run towards the red cape, which will allow you to get past him.
  100. You can finally get the princess key by talking to the unicorn or harpy that you freed. Go back to the princess door to unlock it. Behind that door you can find a stamp collection and book.

  101. Take this stamp collection and then present it to Wizardo.
  102. Swim back underwater to talk to the turtle, you can give him the book that you have just found. Take his flowers while he is looking at the book.
  103. Keep on swimming until you reach the octopus, give the octopus the flowers. She will then give you a pink pearl. If you take the pearl and give it to the turtle, this will make the turtle talk to the octopus.
  104. Return to the Squid and then tell him the turtle is talking to the octopus. This will make the Squid leave and then you can finally dig up the X behind him. Use the shovel to get some lead. Including the lead, you can also get a wooden wedge.
  105. Return to the octopus area to talk to the squid again.
  106. Place this wooden wedge into the wheel that lifts the door. You can get past the door and go to a dragon.
  107. When you return to the room with the princess, she will be gone.
  108. Look at the desk of the wizard, on it you can see two items to grab, these are the 20-cent coin and record.
  109. Head back to the vending machine and use the 20-cent coin to obtain the sunglasses from it.
  110. Go back to the room with the record player, in order to play the record. While it is playing, the raven will give you a ray gun.
  111. Going back to the room with the acid, you can use the sunglasses while talking to the Medusa. She will leave. There is a soda machine past her, you can use the wiz-buck to get some soda from it.
  112. Keep on going until you reach another statue, to the left of this statue, you will find a three-headed canine.
  113. Return to the area with the frog. You can shrink the frog with the ray gun, grab the mead when the frog is gone.
  114. Go back to the castle garden and give the gnome the mead. This will allow you to get past the gnome, and find the alchemy key.
  115. Unlock the alchemy room door and then grab the dual pieces of sandbag inside.
  116. Return to the room with the Egyptian god statue. Place one of the sandbags in the middle part of the room, this will make a trap door open. Place the other sandbag in the back of the room, so that water will flow into this hole. Press a lever that you see and then rocks will fall down, which will allow you to enter.
  117. The sarcophagus will have Wizardo inside. He will go away, and this will allow you to get the other orb. Close the door when you leave this area.
  118. Return to the green colored monster and use the orb on it. It will give you the stone hamburger.
  119. Go back to the vending machine and get the feather from the helmet of the knight.
  120. Head on over to the lion statue and feed it the stone hamburger. It will give you a lab key so that you can go back to the princess.
  121. Unlock the door to the laboratory so that you can get the vial inside.
  122. The soda machine has got a statue behind it. Offer it the feather so that you can get a lover letter scroll.
  123. Show this lover letter to the wooden warrior statue. And it will begin to cry. Use the vial to obtain his tears.
  124. Return to the room for alchemy and use the lead in the machine at the left. Take the lead again and use the middle machine, then then the next right one. The lead will turn pick if you did this right. Use the first two machines on this pink lead. In the third machine mix the vial of tears with it. Take the lead and place it in the oven to get some gold.
  125. Go back to the dragon and trade the gold for an emerald.
  126. Put the emerald inside the machine in the lab.
  127. Wizardo will switch on the machine, you have got to flip the switch on the left, and then the right one. The princess will then talk to you. Do not grab the emerald until Wizardo thinks that the machine will work.
  128. Talk to Wizardo in his office, and take the booze and the photo while you are there.
  129. Go back to the original hallway, you can finally enter the tower door. A pirate ghost will keep you from entering. You will have to go back to the island with the parrot and talk to it.
  130. When you go back to the pirate ghost the parrot will appear and make the ghost disappear.
  131. Do not get the needles when you find them, you will die when the grim reaper shows up.
  132. Talk to the mirror and Valentino, after talking with him, you should get a medallion of courage.
  133. Equip the medallion and then talk to the grim reaper again. This will allow you to grab the needles. Go to the top of the tower, where Wizardo will ask you to hit a switch.
  134. Take the yarn of fate and the knitting needles to make a magic carpet. Ride this carpet to get past the gap in the middle of the room.
  135. If you reach a dinosaur skeleton tap on it to get its long bone. Return to the three-headed dog and give it the bone, take the rose and then turn on the switch.
  136. Offer the rose to the soda machine statue, and you are then also give a tear of a dragon.
  137. You can throw the dragon tear at the top of the wizard’s tower. This will make a dragon come and fight with the wizard.
  138. You will have to act fast because, the castle is breaking apart. Get the staff of Wizardo, and run to the pen area. Take the staff and use it on the trapped unicorn, so that you can escape the collapsing castle.

By following all of these steps you will have finished playing Castle Abra: A Dark Fantasy Comic.

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