Murder Room Walkthrough Guide Part II

Third Chapter:

1.      The girl wants to get revenge and wants you to help her. Check the sofa and find the floorboard that seems it can come off. Use your knife there and you can find a fuse box. Don’t forget to memorize the clue you can find there.

2.      The clue has letters which you must convert to numbers, Unlock the fusebox using those numbers.

3.      You can see the fuse is able to shut the lights down. Go to the girl and the killer returns once again. Now go to the couch spot and use the fuse box. He writes on the wall. Jump on the killer and you can find a lighter when the guy goes down.

4.      Use the knife to wipe him out and find out who the killer really is before passing out due to poison clouds.


Fourth Chapter:

1.      Go to the bathroom door and use gasoline on it. Now use your lighter to burn it down. She has no choice but to come out. Now take the pig mask from her and you can use it yourself to survive the poison cloud.

2.      Turn the gas down and take her watch.

3.      Pick the chainsaw up, you can find it in the bathroom.

4.      Use the chainsaw on the body to retrieve the key as the clue tells you so. Now butcher Melanie down – Congratulations, you’re the butcher!


Good Ending Walkthrough

1.      There’s a way to finish the game properly and not be a butcher. Take the rope from the table and use it on the door and bookshelf (This is back in the Second Chapter, remember?)

2.      The butcher leaves.

3.      Listen to the Radio.

4.      Use the knife on the cushion again, find the map.

5.      Get Melanie inside the oven again. Use the map to open the oven much like a compass: South – Down, East – Right, North – UP, East – Right, West – Left, South – Down.

6.      Get the meat from Melanie and cook it. Memorize the numbers as they change from playthrough to playthrough.

7.      Head back to the first chapter.





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