Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Review

Let’s start another review. This time its Godfire: Rise of Prometheus, which turned out to be a fantastic game with graphics that compare to Infinity Blade 3. Note that there was a lot of effort on the part of Gameloft, but is the game more What a cute case?

Similar to the gameplay of God of War, Godfire is a Hero of Sparta from Gameloft, where you battle against gods and Greek mythological creatures, featuring a game with various RPG elements.

You control Prometheus through the touch or joystick, serving to move directions and escape danger. Prometheus has two swords in which he can attack and defend, and can use the Light Attack or Heavy Attack buttons to attack, and Light deals less damage but is faster than Heavy. There are also a number of combinations you can make using the two buttons. If your Wrath bar is fully full you can perform the most powerful special attack “Titan’s Wrath” which damages everyone within a certain radius. It’s the finisher that ends with anyone! The animations are also several and you can waste the time you want watching them because they are worth it. Some also refill HP and Wrath.
Most of the time the controls work well, the speed of the guns is that it turns out to be a problem because you notice that there needs to be an adjustment.

When there are no enemies and you are in exploration mode, only the joystick will be visible so you can unlock doors and chests. There are special items that you could lose if you were not in this mode. So if there is an item hidden, this icon will appear, and after pressing the icon will be shown the way to the treasure.
As you progress, enemies become much more difficult and you need to dodge attacks to avoid damage. There is also a final boss at each level who give enough work, but if you figure out the evasion controls at the beginning, you will find that defeating the bosses up is easy. Battles tend to be long as you have to tire them out, fortunately there are checkpoints before each battle, so if you lose you can still continue without having to play the whole new level at a time.

The game occupies a powerful 1.9GB, and it’s easy to see why: Beautiful and impressive graphics with scenes that look like they come out of a movie. The story is told through cutscenes, which arise between different sections of the gameplay. The only problem was my iPhone5 that sometimes had lag, being a new device, I did not have the time to learn how to handle the situation. This did not affect the gameplay, but it was not disappointing. The visuals of the game are beautiful, and the scenes are fantastic, so rarely had problems with the delays.


The story mode consists of seven acts, two of which are yet to come. After completing these seven acts in normal mode, you unlock all Hard difficulty as well as Survival mode. After Hard mode, you still have the Impossible campaign. You will need to complete the game in all three difficulties to unlock all equipment other than those available at the IAP store.
When you complete one of the acts of the game and gain experience, you level up. You do not gain experience by killing enemies, you only gain it when you complete an area. Each level also gives you different rewards with new attacks, finalizations, and upgrades to Titan’s Wreath. Some levels also increase your stats like health, defense, attack or anger. All of these are used to confront your enemy, but what about your equipment?

My biggest complaint with the game is the updating of the equipment. You start the game with the basic equipment (basic armor and weapon) and you can upgrade with gold coins.The game gives you an advantage as you can discover treasure chests out of the battle. As you progress through the story, you will pick up new weapons, armor, and other advantages. The weapons increase the attack, the armor the defense, and the advantages give a statistical bonus.
Each weapon and armor can be upgraded with gold. The good thing about it is that many of the advantages and weapons you need need to be unlocked after you use them. Often I’ve taken an item, went to the animated arsenal to equip it, and then find out that I need to “identify” it for a certain amount of gold (usually a very important piece) to use it. If there was grind to do in this game this would be quite possible. But the amount of gold you can earn is fixed, even if you repeat the levels. The game also does not tell you the statistics of the blocked equipment, until you spend the gold needed to get it. So imagine that you spend 1000 gold to unlock a weapon, and then find out that it’s no better than the one you’re not using?

Then add what was the ability to turn gold into statistical points, and you have a system in which you feel like going back to the IAPS. It is a difficult decision to have to invest 1/4 of your gold in one piece, knowing that you need to upgrade your equipment and find that the piece is inferior to your current weapon. For that reason, I played most of the “Normal” campaign using the first sword I got (the second sword in the game and the only one on the Normal difficulty that does not have to be unlocked after the serve). So I was essentially playing with a toothpick against bosses with little health points.
When it comes to armor three of them are not perfect, and there is a lot of gold to upgrade and unlock new weapons and advantages. Unless you spend real money. One way for you to cultivate a little gold and let the statistics of an item appear would have made a big difference in the whole game.

You can use Tapjoy to get extra gold in the game if you really need it. This again feels out of place for a premium game, especially because the offers that give you anything worthwhile require a purchase or provide personal information for something like an insurance quote. That is, if you do not feel like installing programs or giving information, do not use Tapjoy and play with all these disadvantages, taking advantage of the way you enjoy.

The good news is that you can defeat the final boss on the Normal difficulty with all the features you are getting throughout the game. If you are a casual player, you may well be tempted to pay something to overcome this level.
In conclusion, Godfire is a fun game if you are looking for some action or adventure. The three levels of gameplay and survival mode guarantee you plenty of hours of gameplay. There are also many GameCenter achievements if you are a person who loves to see ratings. If you accept the system for what it is, have some fun hack ‘n’ slash around here. It is otherwise, but a very satisfactory experience. Hardcore gamers will not even notice the lack of gold in the game! If you think this sounds like your kind of game, give Godfire a try and download it!

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