Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Acts Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you to all the acts through the normal mode of the Godfire game. Following the tutorial will realize that the first puzzles are easy, but following step by step we will have:

Act 1: The Forsaken Tumbler

Get the Perk that is called Ariadne’s Thread from one of the coffers of this level. Equip him and he will tell you the location of all the nearby hidden treasures. The Cyclops boss is defeated if you watch his moves and play his attacks. When he hits the floor with his weapon, you use Block to avoid damage. If it falls a little, it means that it is tired, and then you attack. When you defeat him, you will have access to the item One Eyed King in your armor, but to use it you need to pay.


Act 2: The Bridge of the Damned

As with Cyclops, with the Minotaur, you have to avoid his attacks. When he hits the ground, he also has to block those attacks. And just like in the previous boss, wait until he gets tired, and chase him to the beat. When you achieve the feat, you will get Torment item access on your equipment.


Act 3: Gorgon Crucible

Start with the sword of hell in the chest at the beginning of this level. You will have +10 attack. Open all the doors and the elevator will rise. Several spider eggs will fall and you need to stray from them, but they did come to life. The moment you see a purple ring, run away from him. On each floor, you will have to fight against hordes of enemies. In the first door there are two very difficult puzzles, but in the second and third are easy. After opening the three doors, you will have to face a spider boss named Lamia. Dodge and attack him when you’re tired. But beware, after this he will drop more eggs, so keep dodging until Lamia dies. After killing her will receive an advantage called “Lamia Undone”. Also get the Phoenix Armor.


Act 4: Trojan Horses

This level has no final boss but has several glasses full of gold that can help you upgrade some equipment. There are three mini games or puzzles. As there is no final boss, this is a good level if you want to gain some experience until the next boss.


Act 5: Sky Field

Explore this area carefully as there are several treasures and you may lose some. The first door and a puzzle, and if you walk through that door you’ll find a Cyclops mini-boss. This time, fight your minions, escaping and blocking your attacks. This was a long battle, but doable. At the end, you’ll get 1/3 of the Chiron’s Blast fragments. Be sure to open all the chests and get the Achilles Spear. The final boss of this act is Helios. It is very easy to win as you simply hold your swords for a while to defend, deflect from attacks, and attack back. It was a long battle because of his high health, but otherwise easy.


Act 6: The city of the Acropolis

There are many vaults hidden here, so pay attention. Some puzzles are easy, so make sure you get the Mauler’s Bie, but you need to unlock it with 1000 gold. A large door will appear, where you will have another Minotaur to fight. After defeating him, he had received the Dragonfire Armor, which is expensive to upgrade but has a great defense.


Act 7: Defined Temple

Unlock all the Coppers to get the Ranging Fiend.The boss of this level is Scylla, and she’s pretty bad. It is difficult to escape from her attacks because she hits the ground but still attacks sideways. She does not usually get stunned for long, but if she wants to attack her, try not to get her with the red tweezers, because that shows that she will attack him.This boss is divided into three rounds: the first, takes a third of life, and appear minions; The second round is more difficult because it will make it difficult for you to evade; And on Tuesday she’ll scream and push him back. There, focus on the eyes, when they stop being red and turn green, attack again. CLICK it to complete the campaign in Normal mode.


Guide to Weapons, Armor, and other equipment

To facilitate the gameplay, I will share all the items and equipment that you can get during the whole game. Feel free to comment because the gold will be needed to see all the stats of the items.

In terms of Swords and Weapons we have:

• Steel Destroyer with +10 Attack, and Health Orbs giving an additional 25% HP

• Hellfire Sword with +10 Attack, and 15% Wrath recharge. • Ranging Fiend with +15 Attack, giving the max +40.

• Mauler’s Bite with 20% Enemy damage per block. Pay 1000 to unlock.

• Skullcutter with +50 Attack and 20% decapitated minions.

• Berserker’s Sword with +35 attack, not requiring Wrath, but consuming health.

• Apollo’s Ordeal with +25 attack, max.30. Gain more experience by about 22%. You only find Hard game mode, Bridge of the Damned, and Hyperion’s Lament in Immortal mode. • Chiron’s Blast: Find all 3 fragments in Act 5, Fields of Sky (Normal, Hard, Immortal)

• Zeus’ Wrath: Find all fragments in Survival mode to unlock.

• Spiral Flame: Find all fragments in Survival mode to unlock. Titan’s Fury: + 30% of life and Wrath coming from the orbs.

• Sword of Olympus with 150% experience gained rank.

• Judgment Blade with 30% attack, defense, life, and wrath.

• Blightspreader has a 30% chance to explode, damaging nearby enemies.


In terms of armor:

• Spartan Armor with +30 Defense, + 15% Health and + 10% Wrath

• Phoenix Armor with +40 Defense and 25% chance to deny all damage. • Firedragon Armor with +70 Defense being expensive to level up, but gains a lot of defense.

• One Eyed King: obtained after killing the Cyclops. Unlock with 500 gold. • Ariadne’s Thread with a bright wire showing a way to secrets. Found in a chest in Act 1, Forsaken’s Tomb.

• Lamia Undone with 15% of damage blocks the enemy’s block. Pay 1500 gold coins to unlock it.

• Torment is obtained by defeating the Minotaur in Law 2, Bridge of the Damned to find this, pay the gold to unlock it. • Grund Minion; Negarious Scylla, Trojan Mare, and Gear of Conflict are four armor that you normally get.

• Spartan’s Resolve with + 25% Wrath gains from enemies.

• The Wings of Icarus: Starts with + 1% defense, attack, anger, and health. And it can be upgraded to + 10% each, getting all 40 shares in survival.

• Ward of Doom is obtained when puzzles become easier to solve.

• The Warrior with a 25% chance to replenish Health after each death.

• And finally, Face of the Sun with the ability to restore 5% HP for each hit.

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