Melissa K and the Heart of Gold HD Walkthrough Guide Part I

Today we’ll take you by the hand on how to clear Melissa K and the Heart of Gold HD on this Walkthrough and in-depth guide for this mobile brain game.

If you feel stuck somewhere or if you want to do things right the first time around, then this post is for you.


Here’s the Guide:

1.      Enter the door and turn to your right.

2.      Sleep by using the bed

3.      Answer the door.

4.      Get the picture.

5.      A monk is missing, your mission is to find him.

6.      The garden is very dark, and you can’t see a thing, you need to come back with light.

7.      When getting back you can see a piece of chocolate on the ground.

8.      Collect the chocolate and spot the lizard on the ground.

9.      Pick the Lizard up.

10.   If you did this correctly, you couldn’t catch the lizard yet, that’s why you need the chocolate you just picked up.

11.   Use the chocolate on the leaf, attracting the lizard. Give it a name.

12.   You now have a pet, congratulations!

13.   Once you are back inside, pick up a statuette’s piece that you can spot behind the mirror.

14.   Under the bed there are some matches you can only reach by using your newfound buddy. Use the lizard there and he’ll get them for you.

15.   Inspect the top drawer of the dresser and combine the glass and lantern.

16.   Use the matches on the lantern to ignite it.

17.   Now that you have light you can go back to the garden.

18.   Collect the spear and use it on the statue along with the helmet.

19.   Pick the flower up.

20.   Now you can use the flower on the other flowers.

21.   Get the fake flower on the hole, but without messing with the other flowers.

22.   Pick the Urn you revealed up and swipe the cutout to find some buttons.

23.   Press the buttons and spot the clue.

24.   Once on the house, pick up the gift.

25.   Drag the hexagon to the cabinet that has some china in it and find the Mahjong pieces to get the key.

26.   Now you can use your key to unlock the door that was previously locked.

27.   Collect the soap from the dresser and the scissors on the tiger’s paws.

28.   Open the chest and use the scissors on the fishing line. Collect the piece of paper as well.

29.   Once you are again in the bathroom, take the soap and place it on the spot that was missing.

30.   Play the mini-game to obtain a flashlight.

31.   Go to the room with all the animals and use the flashlight on the wall. Find everything to get a piece of the painting and be sure to spot the Buddha as well.

32.   Once on the corridor, use the painting piece on where it’s missing on the wall.

33.   Take the map bit and use the lizard to obtain the sash from the hole.

34.   Click the curtains that you can see on your left.

35.   Use your sash on them

36.   Add the map bit and assemble the map.

37.   Open up the map.


You can now travel to Bangkok and proceed to the second part of this walkthrough.




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