Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold HD Walkthrough Guide Part II

Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold HD Walkthrough Guide Part IIAfter reading the in-depth Melissa K and the Heart of Gold Walkthrough Part I, here’s the second part of our guide so you can proceed and find a solution to the place where you’re stuck.

Read below and good luck.


1.      You arrived in Bangkok

2.      Collect the emerald

3.      Keep on walking and you’ll find another emerald.

4.      To your right you can find a piece of cloth

5.      Now go back to where you came from and head left instead to collect a piece of paper.

6.      Take a left again and collect another piece of paper.

7.      The building on the back has a mini puzzle you need to solve.

8.      Pull the levers in the right order and you’ll get a third gem.

9.      Collect the frame (It’s Dragon Shaped).

10.   Use the flashlight you obtained in the last chapter to go left to the dark.

11.   Find the missing pieces of the puzzle you’re now facing and use them on the appropriate spots.

12.   Once they are assembled, close the eye and take the dragon statue.

13.   Now you need to use the statue you obtained on the door to your right, next to the 3 animals.

14.   Rotate the disks according to the clues.

15.   Follow through to the library and collect another dragon’s statue.

16.   Get all of the right pieces set on their places to obtain yet another emerald.

17.   Pick up the items

18.   Place the sign pieces here and get the blueprint off the Buddha.

19.   There’s another emerald to be collected.

20.   Right on the shelf you can obtain a key bit.

21.   Once on the Chedi again, use the dragon cutout on the floor’s circle and use the 5 flawless emeralds you collected.

22.   A door will open up for you, go through it!

23.   Pick up the key bit and paper in the wall’s crack.

24.   Once back on the entrance, unlock the main door by using the key bits.

25.   Catch the fly using the net you can grab while inside.

26.   Then you need to catch 3 other bugs

27.   On the room you found the net in, place all bugs in the box and make sure the box is properly light up.

28.   Pick up the explosive and the note.

29.   Get in the theater.

30.   Check the date.

31.   Pick up a piece of cloth

32.   Spot the clue and take note.

33.   Once you get to the library again, tap the ceiling.

34.   Use the worthless cloth to clean the screen and place the animals on the appropriate places to obtain a clue that is meant to be used later.

35.   Go back to the theater and pick up the key on the rug by spotting it with the flashlight.

36.   Unlock the door to your right and enter that room.

37.   Pick up the screwdriver and the paper bit, as well as the orchid from the window.

38.   Use the cloth you picked up first to obtain a lighter.

39.   Once underground, use the lizard to obtain the rest of the clue from the wall’s hole to your left side.

40.   Back on the theater, use the screwdriver to get to the safe and use the combination (the two clue bits you found) to take all items inside.

41.   Now go to the room with the ladder to climb up and claim the fuse.

42.   Go underground and place the explosive on the wall’s crack, as well as the fuse and lighter.

43.   Watch a short cutscene and follow up to Chapter III.

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