Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold HD Walkthrough Guide Part III

This is the third part of our Melissa K. And the Heart of Gold HD Guide so you can clear the game and also get rid of any doubt you may be having or get through any place you seem to be stuck in.

For the Part II or Part I, search our website for “Melissa” and you’ll get all related posts, including the 2 other parts and the review of the game itself.


1.      Collect the Fishing Hook

2.      Now you need to use the line and hook on the manhole. This will get you a key.

3.      Speak to your guide as he is dying, he’ll tell you only Buddha’s footprint can heal him back to health, you must find it!

4.      On the next screen you’ll have to solve a mini game.

5.      Tap the buttons all over until the spots become blue. We didn’t find the reasoning behind this, but if you did then let us know in the comments.

6.      Obtain the orchid after you complete this game.

7.      Back to the previous screen, click the flowers on your left and use the items to match the photo.

8.      There’s another object finder mini-game to solve here.

9.       – work in progress –


While the work is in progress, you can use this post to discuss the game or to provide the missing parts of this walkthrough.

If the part you’re stuck in isn’t yet explained, our apologies.



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