Walkthrough: The Secret of Raven Rock

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Watch the video of the chapter, or follow this tutorial:

Follow the tutorial, and look at the rock to get a clue. Cross the tip and solve the puzzle of the dragon, take the dagger. Drag the dagger to the vines by covering the door to cut them. As the door behind the vines is locked, touch the right of the screen, open the inventory and drag the vines to the metal hook. Go down the rope.

Now solve the tile puzzle, make a gryphon and get the key.

Tap to the left of the table, grab the shovel and go through the hole. Now that this is on the other side of the locked door using the key to unlock it.

Go through the door and tap to the right to see the big hole in the floor again. There is a boat, and so drag the oar to it, and it will end up in a different place, the market. Now pick up the lever.

Now touch to the right and take the mask, and also look at the book with half a page missing.

Touch the left and continue until you reach the tent with two masks above. Drag the mask from your bag to the tent and get the robes.

Touch to the left and reach the time. Drag the robes to the door to enter.


Chapter 2: The Temple

Now that you are in the temple, touch the central room and take the torn page of the chest. Take it back to the market and put it in the book to get a clue to your diary.

Go back to the temple and organize the books on the altar based on the book track. Go through the door now. Head to the right and touch the table. There are 5 gems of different colors, and they will shine in a sequence, and you must follow the sequence, as a Simon game, The sequence for me was: green, red, blue, pink, blue, blue, yellow. Take the Knight chess piece and complete the puzzle.

Go back to the screen and use the lever on the locked door. Open it, and there is a claw that you need to use to produce poison. We’ll be back later.

Now turn left and touch the framed portrait, running your finger around to get a clue to your diary.

Go back to the main temple room and enter the chess room. Put the rider on the board and solve the puzzle by moving the rider to 55 different squares on the board. Stick to the tile.

Go through the door on the right and touch the yellow strip to get the poison.

Go back to the poison, and now you know it needs to be green. Find something green, and point your camera at him. Take the poison bottle.

Go to the grown vines and pour poison over them. Reach the middle level of the temple.

Touch the floor drawing and get a clue to the diary.

Continue straight until you reach this painting, and discover the differences (image below) and take the banner out of the cabinet.

Go back to the main temple room. Put the flag on the third door to unlock it. Enter the first door and use the track of your diary to draw the drawing on the grid. Take the iodine.

Go back and pass the third door, solve the riddle of the rings and combine the image with the small image. Stick with the sword.

Go through the middle door and put the sword in the right door and go through.

Wrap the rug with one finger and grab the silver ring with another finger.

Continue forward and touch the photo of the piano, solve the puzzle and get a piano sequence for your diary. The front door like this is locked, we need to do something first. Go back to the door with the yellow flag on it. Knock on the door in order of 1-6 as shown on the track in your diary. Then go inside and notice the differences in the skulls as shown below. Take the rusty key from the source.

Then go back to the closed door that we could not open before and use the rusty key on it. Go to Chapter 3.


Chapter 3: The Cryp

Touch the paint and get another clue to your diary. Lift the gate with one finger and touch to pass. Then place the iodine on the altar to open the doors on your left.

Head the door and look at the blue flag for another clue. Lift it up and get the mirror. Then take the door and clear the open book.

If you still need help follow this video:


Go back and take the door to the left. Then touch the cashier and solve the puzzle of the tap rings and grab the handle.

Continue and place the tile on the sarcophagus. Solve the puzzle of the tiles of the sun and the door to your left will open.

In the next room, the fire is blocking the way, so you will remove the track from the picture and get the key from the calyx caddy.


Go back to the small garden area, and place the handle in the groove on the floor. The electricity from the electric barrier will shut down, and now you can reach the hand. Put on the silver ring, but the gold is still missing.

Go back to the middle level, and place the mirror on the empty board. It will reflect the image on the right and will give you a clue to your diary.

Solve the puzzle of the door by matching the lights with the colors of the diary, the door will open.

Go through the door, read the notice, and get another clue to your diary. Go back to the market and find this barrel, take out the battery.

Now add the battery to the machine, but nothing will do. Go back to the statue and use the rainbow track in your notebook and solve the puzzle. Press the buttons in that order and light some symbols on the floor. Look for them to get a clue to your diary. Go to the balcony and use the track to solve the puzzle. Paste the shield that goes out.


Now go back to the main level and put the shield on the door, going back inside. Solve the puzzle of this magic square and get the golden ring. Go back to the hand and place the gold ring, where the silver one already is. Take the blue ball. The track of your daily said to find three places, and go out and press the brick or tile. Each one opens one of the door locks. Find the door and pass.

Remove the statue from the pedestal, and solve the puzzle. Set each clock for each time shown in your journal and get a red gem.

Place the gem in the groove on the wall near the door. Solve the riddle of the drawing. When you finish, pick up the fuse.

Return to the strange machine, insert the battery and the fuse. Now the portal works.


Chapter 4: The Machine

Use the padlock key and unlock the door to the left. Use the journal track and play the music on the piano. Press the 1-9 keys, using 2-3 fingers and tapping at the same time, if necessary.

Go through the open door and place the angel statue on the pedestal, and pick up the glass of holy water. Return to the room with purple fire and wring holy water over the flames.

Solve the puzzle of the star and strike the red ball. Review this video and see how it goes:


Go back to the main hall and after placing the blue and red balls on the maze puzzle. You need to use the tilting mechanics of the phone to move the balls to the red and blue spots. Take the Dragon’s amulet.

Watch the video on how to solve the puzzle:


And ready! Completed the game!

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