Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – The Walkthrough

The beginning is the same as the light version, so follow the same step as that of the video

Enter the room, open the drawer and grab the lever. Use it to break the bottle and remove the fuse. Take the piece of broken glass. Find the box to the left of the door, and place the lever in the slot. Add fuse and pull the lever down to turn on the lights. Now, go through the door and grab the crank, cut the newspaper and touch the stove to get a clue to your diary. Go through the dining room door and tap the desk to get another clue. Touch your grandfather’s clock, and get one more. Now, watch this video of the steps we talked about:

Now open the door and move on, picking up the leather chair. Watch the video for the next steps

Notice the colorful puzzle, and get a clue to your normal. Go back to the pool table and take tips and balls. Returning to the dining area, expand the dog’s painting with a gramophone. Use the piece of glass to open the painting and grab the log. Go back to the living room and put the record and crank on the gramophone. We still lack the needle to make it work. Now go back to the dining room and touch the front of the table, and grab the lane you picked up to solve the puzzle to get the handle. Returning to the kitchen again, use the handle on the door. Being locked, you need to find a key. Go back to the living room and find the pendulum for the back. Use the fragment of glass and cut the two balls of Newton’s pendulum. Add the two balls to the puzzle and solve it. Match it with the watch. This puzzle can be a bit frustrating because the circle you intend to spin is not always what rotates. But eventually, you can make it match the lane, with the blue balls on the left and the white balls on the right. When he’s done, get the key.



Use the little blue key and unlock the grandfather’s watch and pick up the needle. Go back to the gramophone and add the needle to it. Rotate the handle until you get a key, and use the red key to unlock the door in the kitchen. Now enter the stove. Take the painted tile in this room and use the pool sign to get the steel girder wheel. Now on the wall, there are three wheels, but one is still missing. Put the wheel there and solve the puzzle. Take the green key. Follow the video step-by-step:

Come back to the kitchen. Solve the tile puzzle by inserting the painted tile. Get the stove plate. Return to the kitchen and place the hob on the left stove. Use the cooker to see which plates are pressing. Follow the photo I posted below. Go back to the living room and unlock the door with the green key in good condition. Go through, and before you do anything, notice the puzzle of the circle. Do not do anything. Go up the stairs and look at the room from far away. Tap the entrance, on the ridge above the door to get a lane and continuing into the alcove, touch the right side.

Take the note under the sofa and get another clue to your diary. Go back and touch the left side. Take the wooden button, it can be hard to see. Go back to the prints and take the photo on the right staircase. It will be added to your diary. Climb the ladder and turn on the light. Open the second door on the right and enter the bathroom. Take the pliers from the basket, and pick up the note for the diary. Open the shower and pull the drain plug to drain blood. Take the sharp blade and close the curtain and use the razor blade to pick up a piece of it. Remove the tank cap and wash. Grab the triangle with colored circles, and solve the puzzle in the tiles! You will get a lion head wrench. Exit the bathroom and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Look at the mirror on the right side. Take the glass eye. Use the curtain on the odd marks to find the numbers for the phone. Open the two drawers and find another ruined paper and a key. Look under the bed and pick up the note for the diary. Follow the video again:

Go back to the stairs and put the wooden button on the left pole. See the photo in your journal. You need to press the buttons, so if you see “1 + 2” or “2 + 1”, it means to press and hold the first one and then to press the second, then release both together. When you get all together, the little secret door will open through the left post. Take the little fist. Go back to the bedroom and put your fist in the window to go out onto the porch. Take the stairs and go back to the balcony. Use the umbrella to get the spiral key. Go back to the hallway, put the ladder up and go up. Take the glass eye. Put both glass eyes in the painting on the right and go through the secret door, picking up the note from your diary. Go back and see a chest. Use the key to open it. Take the tile, the lion’s head key, and the ruined paper.

There is a torso on the back, use the spiral wrench to unlock it. Remove all the books until you discover a puzzle at the bottom. Place the triangle piece there and then solve the puzzle (combine the colored dots with each other) to get another square tile. Now go back to the circle and place the two tiles with the rest of them. Put all the square tiles so that they fit together, then take the blue key in good condition, the key in the form of a needle and wire and the key with a cross.

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