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This is a step-by-step, very comprehensive guide with all the diaries, tricks and solutions for the Android text adventure game iOS, NoStranger, created by Scott Mulligan. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to put it in the comments section.



The game begins with Adam needing to find a hospital nearer to Grazin ‘Diner in Hudson, New York. For this, you will need to use Google Maps to find the right site. If you head east, you can find the Columbia-Greenee Hospital Foundation, also called Columbia Memorial Hospital. Then tell Adam to go to the East Hospital.



Chapter 1:

This chapter begins with Adam asking him to look at Tim Juine’s blog, and tell him the last word of his last post. Head to the following address:, and note than in the last post: “You need to get something out of my chest”. Enter the post and scroll down until you find the last word. Tell Adam.

Adam then asks you to ensure where Tim June is going on September 24, so head over to the “Exciting Plans!” At and note that he will be at the R & B Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (or BAM) – enter Brooklyn Academy of Music or BAM as the answer.

Adam is interested to know who Tim will take, the answer is Momma June.

The next step is to help Adam sneak into Peter Sharp at BAM. Open Google Maps, and search. Go to Street View and find the front of the building, and go to your door.



Then tell Adam that the stage door is open. Adam asks where you are, respond to St Felix.

Go back to Google Maps, and see the pink photo inside the BAM. His intention is for you to find someone with a beard and a mother at your side. When you find out, tell him he’s standing next to the bar.


Riddle 1:

Go to this URL:

This is the riddle:

“This is the Flubberton riddle.
There was a town of Flubbertons. Nice jolly creatures.
It wasn’t a beautiful night like any other in Flubberfall due to the huge fog that had set over Flubberfall due to the annual flood.
That day there was a dead Flubberton, the Flubber trumpeter, found in the town hall.
There were five Flubbers in the hall at the time.
The Flubber Mayor, number 1
The Flubber doctor, number 2
A Flubber clerk, number 3
A Flubber teacher, number 4
And you, the Flubber detective happened to be in the hall as well.
The Flubber mayor said he was in his office signing legislation when he heard the trumpeter cry out.
The Flubber doctor said he was with the Flubber teacher checking out old town records.
The Flubber clerk said he was in the observatory at the time of the murder watching the stars.
The Flubber teacher concurred with the doctor.
You claimed you were doing ‘detective’ work and couldn’t disclose your doings.
Needless to say, the Flubbers have united against you and will execute you if you don’t find out who murdered the trumpeter in five minutes.
Defend yourself. Who really murdered the trumpeter?
1, 2, 3, or 4?”

Choose answer 3, because the official could not be watching the stars on a hazy night.

Now Adam asks you to do a personalities test at Along with the Spotify list, he will offer you at, take the test and tell him what you got. Mine was INFP-A.


Chapter 2:


Next, Adam asks you to find Mystical Lady Creature on Tumblr. I could not find it when searching, so I used this link directly:

Welcome to Noel Saviore’s blog.

Adam asks him to continue to look for Julio Felinopious. Look on google, but his blog link is:

Adam then asks him to find out what the two of them are doing in the USA. He wants the month and the day. Tell him that the Fabulous Wondermans will be touring on 10/1 and that Noel’s blog says “Call to Action!

In addition to my previous post in which I smashed Julio Felinopidouche, I would like to say I will be protesting his event at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 10/1.

I hope to see some of you there! We must fight together to win. “So the answer is 10/1 – he’ll be in Las Vegas then.


Riddle 2:

Go to

Ah, I have another riddle about the Flubbertons.
You see, the Flubbertons are weird creatures.
They have certain rules.
2. If you are born blue, you are killed at age 6 in Flubberton years.
4. When you turn 32 in Flubberton years, (288 regular years), you are killed.
6. The Flubbertons must keep their maximum population to a certain number to preserve self-sufficiency.
The first number is 2x the second but two less than the third and five more than the last.
8. You must watch the human movie, Fight Club, released in 1999, at least 8 times a year.
10. Flubbertons hate odd numbers, however, the number 9 is a sacred number, and the only odd number to be admired.
12. The only reason this rule exists is to avoid an odd number of rules.
They also can’t remember the simplest things.

Like a password.
One day, when you, a Flubberton, were coming back to town,
You couldn’t get back into town without opening the gate.
You got lost in the forest today and came back late.
The gate is closed at night because of the Lioners.
You see, the Lioners eat the Flubbertons.
The gate requires a 4 digit passcode.
By the look of the sun, you have about 18 minutes until the Lioners come out to get you.
You remember the passcode has something to do with the rules of the Flubbertons.
Best of luck.”

The answer is 9999. I tried it on a whim and it worked. Adam now wants me to go to the URL: or else this:

The site is basically the map for the Las Vegas Convention Center. Then it is the most flexible part of the game since Adam himself asks what he wants to do. I said: Let’s have fun! I see a lot of entries. Can we take a look at one of them? So I said there is a First Aid room inside.

So I chose to Pretend as if one of your friends was injured and you needed to get something from the first aid station in the building. I chose the “It does not matter”. Do this and stay Ghoulia for everything you care about. That worked, but in another game, I chose the vending machine, so I guess any option is fine.



Adam then asked some personal questions, and you will respond as you wish. Then check the convention center map at Adam’s request for room N-218 and tell him where to find the nearest staircase: answer East.

He says that this is a waste of the automatic vending machines and that you need to find the nearest outlet. After looking at the sales machine, choose Orient, as output.

Choose to get to the door, and by the end, Adam should get into the truck with Noel.


Riddle 3:

Go over to to see riddle #3. 

 “Back to Flubberfall.
Alien invaders have come to destroy Flubberfall,
You, being the smartest Flubberton of Flubberfall,
Have accepted the challenge of the invaders,
You see, they have designed a riddle that will determine the fate of Flubberfall,
Because, as in all riddles, aliens are weirdly benevolent but also war mongers,
The only thing you have to do is provide the name of the alien invaders.
The riddle goes as follows,
There are fifty two Flubbertons,
They are each assigned a number, 1-26, and then again 1-26.
Only seven are told to come forward.
They are each allowed to tell you one thing that doesn’t give away your number but can hint towards it.
The first one tells you his number someone else has
The second one tells you his number is a multiple of 5
The third one tells you his number adds to 9
The fourth tells you his number is the lowest
The fifth one tells you his number is the highest
The sixth one tells you his number is the same as the third one
The seventh one tells you his number is a palindrome
And just for fun, the aliens made two of the Flubbertons say each other’s clue.
These two Flubberton’s numbers add to the sacred one and are right next to each other.
Haha, aliens…
One of the Flubbertons has a number where the second digit is five times the first digit.
The same number is not repeated twice next to each other.
And another number is the loneliest number of them all.
See, even disturbed aliens can have a sense of humor.
So, what is the name of the aliens?
They decided to give you 11 minutes to complete the riddle.
They wanted to give you 22 minutes but figured that would be too much of a hint.
You only have four attempts.
Best of luck. The fate of Flubberfall and the Flubbertons lies in your hands.
Your time starts… Well, it already started when you I sent you this link!”


Here you need to find out each of the seven numbers and translate them into letters of the alphabet. The first is the number of another person: 22; The second is 15 because it is multiplied by 5; The Third is 18, because 1 + 8 = 9; The fourth and Fifth Flubbertons gave the lanes on the other, so the room is 23, and the fifth is No. 1; The sixth is the same as the third, so it is 18, And finally the seventh number is 22. Put them in order 22, 15, 18, 23, 1, 18, 22.

So the answer to puzzle # 3 is VORWARV.


Chapter 3:

Now Adam wants to go to Youtube, find Durev Dama and see the first video here:

Adam wants your contact, and tell him: [email protected].

Adam asks to get in touch with him, so send him an email saying anything, and immediately get the answer. Tell Adam you sent a photo of rocks in a formation.

Use the Reverse Google Image in the photo and see Hillsdale, NY. So the answer is Hillsdale.


Adam then asks for more information, and says, “If she wanted to find me, she could.” Adam wants me to find a hidden video. One of them is titled? V = SOwr1OK38no. Take the link and add it to the YouTube URL, like this:


From the name of Rettam. At the end of that video, there’s a QR code. Scan it to open up another video. That one’s titledEfil.


Now Adam asks you to find the link to the blog in the description of the video. Say:

Visit the blog and go to the post “Do not be concerned …” and find her email. It’s [email protected]. Email her and watch the video she sends you:

The name of the video is “Sekam 1-518-288-0014” – call this number and Pepper will give you the link to your DeviantArt:

Your Facebook page is also linked to your ID:


Read the About page, and then tell Adam that the last word is “us”.

There’s still one last video at titled “htaeD”. And it’s the end. If you want a bonus, try sending an email to [email protected].

DMLM? Death Makes Life Matter — the titles of the four videos backward (rettam, efil, sekam, htead)

You can also try my walkthrough videos:

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