The Talos Principle Review: What Do We Think About it

There are some really well reviewed games that came to mobile through the practice known as “porting”.

Having that in mind, we recently thought it would be a good thing to grab one of these titles in order to review it.

So, we are going to tell you what we think about it not only for the game itself but on whether it works as a mobile app or it is just one of those other weak ports that just can’t convert to mobile that well.


Choosing the Game: The Talos Principle

We knew about this game already, but never played it. In the Talos Principle you are a robot facing a huge amount of puzzles, one of our favorite game genres.

God is the narrator in this game, as he states he made you. He wants to test you by throwing you at puzzles also designed by him.

One of the things we must talk about is gameplay controls. Jumping with our tablets felt intuitive and introduced us to a really cool character control system.

On the other hand, solving the game’s puzzles include clicking stuff, picking up machines and more, so you kind of feel like you’re playing one of those app puzzle games.

Not being constantly reminded that it is a pc game is a huge plus, as you even forget it is a port.


A Game Restriction: The Bad Thing About the Talos Principle

A restriction we need to point out is that the game doesn’t save itself on the cloud, so you can’t switch devices and keep on playing.

Another thing to have in mind is that the game doesn’t go quite so well on mobile phones as the screen is small and it makes the game kind of wonky, especially if you’re using the third person camera.


Overall Opinion: The Talos Principle App Game Review

All in all, the game is rock solid and it ported well on tablets.

The game auto saves, so you don’t have to worry about saving your game before each puzzle. As we know, we are used to be able to exit mobile games whenever we wish, because we usually play on the go and when the bus comes or the doctor calls, we have to just turn it off quickly.

The auto save is useful for these occasions, so we can leave while in between stuff without worrying about losing our practice.

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