The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier, a review of the mobile game

The Walking Dead Season 3: The New Frontier is as its name suggests the third iteration of Telltale Game’s popular mobile game series based on The Walking Dead Franchise. And the Walking Dead 3 is actually one of the more interesting games that Telltale has released in their franchise. With the gripping emotional storyline and the fast-paced action, it was surprisingly very involving for a mobile game. Telltale also upped their game when it came to the overall art style and graphics for the Walking Dead too.

The Walking Dead 3 is an action-horror, point and click adventure game that is based on a popular television and comic book series about a Zombie Apocalypse. It is available for both Android and iOS mobile game platforms. And there is also a full desktop game version as well. In this review, the mobile version of the Walking Dead 3 is reviewed. So strap in and read about all of the things that we liked and didn’t like about the Walking Dead 3.


What we liked about it:

·        Genuinely good writing

·        Likeable and well-written characters

·        Open-ended for a new season

·        Ended very nicely

What we didn’t like about it:

·        Same old Walking Dead formula

·        Rushed storylines in some parts

·        Hefty price for a mobile game



 The New Frontier continues with the character from Season 2 of the Walking Dead. Clementine is mostly narrating.  And players will be in control of a new character, Javier Garcia. Garcia is traveling with his family, his sister-in-law, Kate and her children, Gabe and Mariana. Garcia is finding it hard to adjust to the new reality of a zombie-infested world and is also finding it hard to fit into his new role as the caretaker of his family. However, he does tackle it all head on throughout the whole game.



 Just like in previous The Walking Dead games, the whole narration and gameplay will hinge on the choices that you make. Each decision that you make in the game will decide whether you or another character will get to live. For example, if you encounter a group of zombies in one area, you will try to decide whether or not you should fight or evade those Zombies. And each decision that you make can have long-term effects on the story.


This gameplay element of choosing how to proceed in the game is the hallmark of the Walking Dead mobile games. And it was executed nicely in this third version of the game. Players will really feel like what they choose will affect them later on. And it also helped that the characters were all likable enough that you would actually care about whether or not they would survive.



 The strong point in the New Frontier is the story, just like other Telltale games. They have really done a good job with writing likable and believable characters. The complicated and new relationship that Javier has with his sibling’s wife, Kate, was one of the highlights of the game’s story. And his burgeoning paternal relationship with his niece and nephew, are fascinating to watch unfold. Even the side characters, such as Gabe and Mariana are really interesting ones too. And you will feel as though you are actually concerned with their wellbeing if whether or not they will survive in the game. The story of the New Frontier is what really makes it an immersive game. And it will also motivate a lot of players to keep all of the characters alive until the end, no matter the cost.



 There was a noticeable improvement in the graphics and general aesthetics of the New Frontier compared to the previous generations of the Walking Dead Game. These new graphics improvements may have been minor, but they were really welcome. Players will get to see a sharpness to the various objects and details of the game as the New Frontier uses higher-texture models. This really lifted the look and feel of the virtual environments of the game. Things just looked more worn out and generally sharper and you will definitely notice a boost in the way that the graphics look if you have ever played the previous Walking Dead games. And even if the graphics were significantly improved, your mobile device will not suffer any performance issues. Playing the game on a mobile device, there wasn’t any graphical issues or framerate drops at all, the Walking Dead 3 played very smoothly.



 To not spoil anything, the last episode of Season 3 of the New Frontier, really tied all of the plot elements nicely. Players will get to see Javier Garcia and his companions actually have a solid ending. Nobody will be disappointed by this ending at all since it actually answers all of the mysteries of the past episodes and seasons too. This was a really welcome choice on the developer’s part since too many mobile adventure games will not even acknowledge much less answer some of the previous questions that the plotline of previous games may have brought up. So it was a really welcome sight to see Javier, Clementine, and other characters get an ending they actually deserved.


The ending of the New Frontier was also open-ended enough that a fourth and subsequent season can be written as a continuation. Maybe the New Frontier will be the final game that Clementine will be in, but perhaps a new character, maybe even another one from Telltale’s The Walking Dead cast can step in and be the protagonist for the next game in their series. Whatever happens, a lot of people are really excited for what the next mobile game in the Walking Series will be.



Overall, we would have to say that the mobile game series of the Walking Dead is still going strong. The Walking Dead 3: The New Frontier has just shown us what Telltale games could do further to improve on their game series. And we were definitely not disappointed with the overall gameplay and story elements of the game either. Long-time The Walking Dead-fans will not be disappointed by this new game either. In fact, those old fans will even look forward to what is in-store for the new season of this horror mobile game.

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