Back to Bed Walkthrough Guide

If you’re trying to find how to clear an obstacle on this puzzle game, then read this in-depth walkthrough on Back to Bed. We included some tips and help so you can complete the game and avoid quitting in frustration when for some reason you just can’t get it to click.


Controlling your Character and Using Items:

You character, who is named Bob, sleepwalks through the game, and you need to get him back to bed by controlling his subsconscious self.

This is easy, on some levels, as you Subob your way through the game and clear obstacles by using your finger.

Know that if you don’t like these controls and the way you interact with the objects you can always go to the menu to change the controls to a virtual controller on your screen – we know we did.


Walking is done in a Clockwise Motion:

You have to know that apples are the way to get Bob to go places, and that you need to place them at least 2 squares in front of the guy in order to get him to where you need him to be.

Move to the desired “square” and tap it to drop the fruit. You can also go next to an apple to pick it up when you control that dog-like character.

One the other hand you have fishes. You can use fishes as bridges. Doors are portals and we advise you to try them first with Subob before you send your sleeping buddy through them.

There are other items, like Potholes, Alarm Clocks, Whale Trains, Lip Pipes and more.

The alarm clock wakes Bob up, the Potholes are a death trap and the whale train is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

The dog is like a mobile alarm clock.


Stuck in a level:

We found that many people have been stuck in Rooftop Trouble’s level 7. To get through it, you must send Bob through the door by luring him there with an apple.

He will then exit through the doorway connected to the first door, and if you get an apple there you’ll get him to go to bed.

On Harbour Hazards lvl 4 you’ll need to use the fish as a bridge for the first time ever. Some people couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

In the next level you must lure Bob to the top of the stairway, bridge the gap and lure him with the apple to push him to bed.

Finally, on Level 9 of the same stage you face your true obstacle as the level requires a lot of thinking.

If you played Monument Valley then you probably know how to clear this level, but if you didn’t it may take a while.

Bridge the gap with the fish and allow Bob to go down one level. Then you must use the red fruit to get him on the stage’s edge.

Make him turn to the fish with the apple and go after him with the apple, making him go up.

Quickly grab the fish again and use it close to the lips pipe. The pipe blows him to his bed.

On lvl 10 I found a bug and my game glitched completely, if you find a way to get over it or if it doesn’t happen for you, do tell us down on the comment section.

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