The Phantom PI Mission Apparition Review

Let’s start this Phantom PI Mission Apparition Review by explaining what this game is.

You are a ghost hunter, or a ghost buster although that term is trademarked. Your name is Cecil Sparks and you need to investigate Baublebelly who is a spirit, creature or something that keeps stealing a rock star’s stuff (that rock star being Marshall Straxx).

You need to track this guy down for the 20 lvls that the campaign takes place in, and you’ll be playing in Ravensmaw Manor.

While you investigate, you also need to return Straxx’s items and you can scatch your collectionist itch by acquiring a lot of collectibles that add a bit more to the already great story.

As far as the game’s controls are concerned, they are well thought of and polished, although virtual controller is a bit more intuitive than simply clicking around in my opinion.

On the other hand, you get action bubbles to tap which is great and doesn’t get you in danger of missing stuff.


Cecil can go up and down fast, and I completed the game almost without running so the game is quick paced and doesn’t feel sluggish or boring.

Sometimes you have to do several journeys to get items from one place to another because our hero can only carry one item at once regardless of its size.

I never felt frustrated with this game and I found it a breeze to explore.


The levels all happen in the house, through the mansion’s several floors. Some doors are locked while others are open.

You’ll move around the level through poles, ladders, stairs, elevators and more, but you’ll tackle locked doors, crates and more by using buckets, crowbars and a myriad of other items. Famke the Looter is a bad girl and you need to get through her many times over.

At the end of the day, what you need is to reach each level’s portables and clear them through solving puzzles that get harder with your progress, but the game doesn’t kill you in any way, you simply need to try until you succeed as you’re never in danger. By getting all of the collectibles, you’ll get stars, but collecting them isn’t mandatory.


This makes the game very accessible for all players, even children. But more experienced players may find the game a bit on the easy side. Still, there’s enough charm to make it worth playing even if you usually like a bigger challenge.

The game was beautifully designed and you can see the developer poured days into it. The animations are great and playful and his one liners are so cheesy you can’t help but laugh.

Phantom PI is charming, but even though he is a Ghost Bus… Hunter, he’ll still get scared at times.

The game is all about the details, and if you’re looking for a charming puzzle game, look no more.

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